The Church Turned In a Brewery in Pittsburgh

The Church Brew WorksPITTSBURGH - The Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is not only a captivating conversion of a former church into a trendy brewery, but it also has a fascinating history. Initially built in 1902, the St. John the Baptist Church served as a significant religious institution for the city's growing population of industrial workers. Set against Pittsburgh's thriving industrial era, the church stood as a symbol of hope and faith for the hardworking community.

The Church Turned In a Brewery in Pittsburgh
Photo: The Church Brew Works

The Church Brew Works

Throughout its history, the church played various roles beyond providing spiritual guidance. During the Great Depression, it opened its doors to those in need, offering aid and support to the struggling members of the congregation and the wider community. In later years, during a devastating flood, the church served as a shelter, providing refuge to those displaced by the rising waters.

However, as the local economy experienced a decline and the industrial landscape changed, the number of parishioners dwindled. Eventually, in 1993, the church was deconsecrated and left abandoned. Thankfully, the space didn't stay vacant for long, as in 1996, the Church Works Brewery took over the building after extensive renovations.

The brewery's commitment to preserving the rich history of the church is evident in every detail of the transformed space. The expansive chapel, with its awe-inspiring stained glass windows and soaring ceilings, has been transformed into a spacious beer hall where patrons can now sit in pews and enjoy their brews. Combining the sacred and the secular creates a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

As the years have passed, the Church Brew Works has not only maintained its original charm, but it has also grown in popularity. Its reputation as one of Pittsburgh's premier breweries has earned it a dedicated following of beer enthusiasts. To meet the increasing demand, the brewery expanded its operations to include wholesale distribution, bringing its flavorful creations to a broader audience.

Whether you are a beer lover searching for an exceptional brew or a history buff intrigued by the story behind the building's transformation, the Church Brew Works offers an unforgettable experience. In this remarkable space, where the sacred and the tasteful converge, visitors can sip on quality craft beers while surrounded by the echoes of Pittsburgh's industrial past and the resilience of its community.