Visiting Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA - If you love bikes, you might want to visit Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh, PA.  The museum and bike shop boast thousands of classic bicycles and bike parts. They also offer repairs and rentals.

Visiting Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh
Photo: Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh


The World's Largest Bike Museum Bicycle Heaven In Pittsburgh

Bicycle Heaven claims to be the world's largest bicycle museum.  Their display is more than just bikes, though. You'll also find art, music, and even antiques.

While they sell new and used bikes, you may wish to check out their collection of vintage models and prop bikes from movies. For example, you'll find a Pee-wee's Big Adventure candy red bicycle and a Columbia Double Eagle.

Aside from the obvious, Bicycle Heaven also features a "Groovy Cranky Panky Sprocket" room. It's a retro-looking room with neon-painted bicycle gears, a tricycle, and a neon green bicycle. There are also gray and red accents. This is a fun blast from the past.

Bicycle Heaven is located in an industrial park on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. There's a parking lot, overnight parking, and a bike shop. You can buy a new or used bike, get a tune-up, or trade in your old one.

In addition to its impressive selection of bikes and parts, Bicycle Heaven is also the world's largest bicycle museum. Their collection features more than 3,000 bicycles, art, and antiques.

It's no wonder that Bicycle Heaven is one of the top attractions in Pittsburgh. With so many bike trails and trails in the area, the city is a great place to explore by foot or pedal.