Which State Is Washington DC In?

WASHINTON DC - Washington DC is located in the District of Columbia, a territory of the United States. Virginia surrounds this territory on the west and Maryland on the east. The Potomac River flows through the District and is a common border between the two states.

Which State Is Washington DC In?

 An act of Congress formed the District of Columbia in 1790

The territory was named the District of Columbia after the poetic name of the United States. It was meant to be a neutral site for government activities. It was also intended to be the seat of the American government.

The first US president, George Washington, chose the location for the new capital in the mid-18th century. He based his choice on land donated by Virginia and Maryland.

During the American Civil War, the city expanded beyond its original boundaries. A cornerstone of the White House was erected on October 13, 1792. The Washington metro area comprises 10 counties, including Prince William County and Arlington. The economy of the area is interdependent with the economies of nearby states.

Washington has a temperate climate. Temperatures are generally in the low to mid-30s F during the day. However, brief periods of high temperatures are frequent during the summer. The winters are damp and cool. There are occasional heavy snows. The temperature usually drops below freezing at night.

The United States Constitution created a special district as the permanent national capital. The District of Columbia received official boundaries in the 1801 Organic Act.