The Fountain of Youth in Allison Park Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA - Located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Fountain of Youth is a natural spring in Allison Park. The grotto, built in 1938 by the Works Projects Administration (WPA), was intended to look classically Roman.

The Fountain of Youth in Allison Park Pennsylvania


What is The Fountain of Youth in Allison Park PA?


The structure is 12 feet high, with an eight-foot diameter.  A stone disc on the entrance indicates that the spring was made to look like a classic Roman bathhouse. In 2009, the structure was renovated and remounted.

While the fountain is unlikely to return you to your teen years, it is an interesting site. You can find it along Kummer Road. It is about a third of a mile south of the North Park golf course. It is accessed through an overgrown path. You can cross a small creek to get there. It's also possible to reach it by climbing a hillside embankment.

Although the site has been closed for use since 1955, it is still a tourist attraction. You can take a trail to the fountain or hike down an embankment to its grotto. The latter is a short and steep hike. It features a seven-foot waterfall and a rock path leading to the fountain.

You can also access the Fountain of Youth by going down Kummer Road. This will take you three-quarters of a mile and bends right and left. The Fountain of Youth is about 50 feet from the parking lot down Kummer Road. It is a unique attraction.

The spring house in the 1930s is dark, with a surprisingly refreshing wet earth smell. It has a concrete arch on the front and a stone disc engraved with "Fountain of Youth" on the side.