Visit The Night of the Living Dead Cemetery in Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA - Located in Western Pennsylvania, Evans City Cemetery was the setting for the iconic zombie film, Night of the Living Dead.  George Romero, the movie's director and co-writer, died of lung cancer in 2017.

Visit The Night of the Living Dead Cemetery in Pennsylvania


Night of the Living Dead Cemetery in Evans City, Pennsylvania

The original film, directed by Romero, was shot on a shoestring budget and was hugely successful. The Library of Congress has deemed the movie culturally and aesthetically significant. It is also considered the first zombie horror movie.

The chapel in the Evans City Cemetery was the primary location for the opening scene of the 1968 movie. The chapel is still standing. However, a demolition warrant has been issued for the chapel. A resident, Gary Streiner, has started a campaign to save the chapel. With the help of other fans, Streiner is raising money to restore the chapel.

The Night of the Living Dead Museum is in the town where the movie was filmed. It is a small but fascinating museum. It features many items from the movie and includes a display of props and wardrobes. There is a gift shop, which has a large selection of merchandise. There are also many photographs of the movie's set pieces. It is worth a visit for fans of the movie.

Another essential feature of the museum is the "Maul of Fame," which has bloody hand prints. In addition to the maul, several displays of sets, props, and wardrobes from the movie. There is a gift shop with various merchandise, including t-shirts and toys.