What is the State Bird of Florida?

Travel Map IconFLORIDA- The mockingbird is Florida's state bird, but some would like to see it replaced by the scrub jay. The scrub jay is a friendly bird that eats peanuts from children's hands. The mockingbird has been Florida's state bird for almost ninety years. The mockingbird has a wide range of habitats, and the state bird of Florida varies in appearance.

What is the State Bird of Florida?
Photo: Mockingbird

The Mockingbird Is The State Bird Of Florida

The mockingbird has been the state bird of Florida for 72 years, but there are many possible candidates for its replacement.  One of the top contenders is the flamingo, but other alternatives include the wood stork, osprey, and Florida scrub jay. Some even advocate the construction crane.

During the last century, the mockingbird was the state bird of Florida, but in 2008, a Florida senator was trying to change that. He has taken to social media to build a following and persuade fellow lawmakers to change the state bird. In response, the Department of State defended the mockingbird as a helpful bird that sings all night long under the full moon.

Florida has several other state symbols, including a stone, a drink, and an animal. The scrub jay is unique, though. Though it is closely related to the blue jay, its habitat is much different. The scrub jay is native to scrub oak patches in Central Florida.