7 Best Cigar Bars in Tampa Bay, FL

7 Best Cigar Bars in Tampa Bay, FLFLORIDA - Tampa Bay is renowned for its vibrant cigar scene, boasting many exceptional cigar bars and lounges that showcase the city's rich cigar-making heritage. These establishments provide a haven for both novices and connoisseurs alike, offering diverse experiences to cater to every preference.

7 Best Cigar Bars in Tampa Bay, FL
7 Best Cigar Bars in Tampa Bay, FL

Where Are Tampa Bay's Best Cigar Bars?

Corona Cigar Co.

Corona Cigar Co., located in the bustling MetWest International, stands out as a modern lounge that prides itself on its vast array of premium cigars, with a particular focus on the revered brand Davidoff. Visitors can relax in a stylish and contemporary setting while indulging in the finest cigars.

Grand Cathedral Cigars

One notable establishment is Grand Cathedral Cigars, housed in a renovated church building. This elegant lounge provides a divine ambiance and curates an exceptional selection of Fuente cigars. Paired with live music performances, visitors are guaranteed a unique and unforgettable experience.

King Corona Cigars

King Corona Cigars, located in Ybor City and International Plaza, offers a taste of Cuban-inspired indulgence. Alongside an extensive selection of popular cigar brands, patrons can unwind in a comfortable lounge setting while enjoying delectable menu offerings.

Lit Cigar and Martini Lounge

For those seeking an elevated nightlife experience, Lit Cigar and Martini Lounge offers the perfect blend of a cigar bar and nightclub. This upscale establishment presents a vibrant ambiance where guests can enjoy cigars, hookah smoking, and expertly crafted specialty cocktails.

Cigar Paradise Royal Lounge

Cigar aficionados can discover Cigar Paradise Royal Lounge by traveling across the bridge to St. Petersburg. This boutique lounge exudes luxury, offering an exquisite collection of hand-rolled cigars complemented by fine wines, espresso beverages, and craft cocktails.

Casa De Montecristo

Cigar enthusiasts can find solace in Casa De Montecristo in the charming SoHo neighborhood. This cozy lounge creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, perfect for unwinding. Specializing in Montecristo cigars, this establishment also boasts a fully stocked bar, allowing patrons to savor their cigars alongside their favorite beverages.

Central Cigars & Ruby's Elixir

Lastly, Central Cigars & Ruby's Elixir in St. Pete's Central Avenue pairs the pleasures of cigar smoking with the excitement of live music. Visitors can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and choose from a diverse selection of premium cigars in Central Cigars before immersing themselves in the sounds of talented musicians at Ruby's Elixir.

With these remarkable cigar bars and lounges, Tampa Bay ensures that cigar enthusiasts can find a space tailored to their desires, allowing them to relax, socialize, and indulge in their passion for cigars.