The Best BBQ in Miami: Society BBQ

The Best BBQ in Miami: Society BBQ FLORIDA - Society BBQ is the newest project from Grateful Hospitality. Founded by chef Richard Hales, the menu here features Texas-style barbecue. The restaurant has received praise from critics and foodies for its flavorful, affordable barbecue. The restaurant is located in Miami, Florida. The menu features more than 70 items and changes seasonally.

Society BBQ The Best BBQ in Miami
Society BBQ The Best BBQ in Miami

In addition to focusing on authentic, flavorful barbecue, Hales is also a renowned restaurateur. The chef, who hails from the Tampa Bay area, wants to add to the culinary scene in Miami. To this end, he is looking for locations to expand his Society BBQ. The site is experiencing a culinary boom, so Hales is excited to add more options to his hometown.

The Miami New Times has named Society BBQ the best BBQ in Miami, and Chef Hales' restaurant appeared on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. His recipes have also been featured in several magazines. These publications include Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Marie Claire, and Tasting Table. In addition, Chef Hales has received numerous awards and has been nominated for multiple "Top 50" restaurants and "Top Food Truck in America."

Society BBQ is a Texas-style barbecue restaurant in Miami, Florida. This restaurant uses oak and hickory pits to cook its meats. Its menu features beef and pork ribs, pulled pork and chicken, and smoked pork cheek dumplings. It also features smoked-loaded potatoes and vegan options.