Things to See and Do in Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida - There are several attractions in Key West. The most popular are the beaches and snorkeling. Other attractions include a creepy living doll. You can find the exact location of the statue on the official website. You can also book a tour of the town. Read on to discover more about what to see and do in Key West. Below are some of the most popular things to do in Key, Florida.

Things to See and Do in Key West, Florida

The weather in Key West is pleasant during the spring months. The temperature is about 80 degrees during the day, perfect for snorkeling and sightseeing. The water temperature is still cool, but the temperatures aren't as cold as winter. You can also save money by traveling during this time. The prices at the smaller guest houses are more reasonable than at the hotels and motels. You can visit Ernest Hemingway's house, bought in 1931 and lived there until 1940. The home is full of beautiful tropical plants, lush gardens, and a salt-water pool. The last penny he saved on his honeymoon is still displayed at the museum.

Duval Street in Key West Florida

One of the most famous streets in Key West is Duval Street. Located on the island's southwest coast, the street runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. It is approximately one mile long and is the center of its business and entertainment district. Named for William Pope, the first territorial governor of Florida, the street is an excellent location to enjoy a leisurely stroll. In fact, most of the shops along the street are family-owned and operated.

While the street is known for its nightlife and bars, the area has more to offer. The Key West Art & Historical Society is hosting a special exhibition on Duval Street: The Longest Main Road in the World. Curator Cori Convertito features images from the nineteenth century, along with other treasures from Key West's past. The exhibit will also highlight the local artists and crafters, which has made the street one of the most popular in the city.

Old Town in Key West Florida

In Key West's Old Town, you'll find rowdy bars, roosters, and a laid-back atmosphere. While you're here, you can try the famous Margaritaville. This restaurant specializes in frozen custard, or eat at one of the many other restaurants. Despite the laid-back feel of Old Town, it's full of surprises.

The main street in Old Town is Duval Street, which is the center of Key West. It is a pedestrian-only area, but many shops, restaurants, and other attractions keep you occupied. While walking, you'll want to avoid getting soaked in the heat. There's also a beach that you can walk to. If you're a bit more adventurous, you can rent a bike, surrey, or electric car. You can also take a tour of the neighborhood by taking the Conch Train.

Besides the Historic Seaport, you can also take a walk around the heart of Old Town. Here, you'll find thousands of wood structures that date back to the 1800s, bed-and-breakfasts, and quaint shops. Besides walking around the town center, you'll also find Ernest Hemingway's home, which was converted into a museum. You can also visit his gravesite, which is located above the ground. You can also travel through the cemetery.

Mallory Square in Key West Florida

In the morning, the sun rises, and the sunset is just beyond the horizon. After the sun goes down, Mallory Square transforms into a bustling plaza of live entertainment. However, after the vote, the square will be less frequented. Mallory Square will no longer host the nightly Sunset Celebration if this change is made

Visitors to Key West will also find Mallory Square a popular place for shopping and eating. The historic Old Town district is home to several shopping centers, including boutiques and restaurants. A variety of restaurants and bars line Mallory Square, making it a popular spot for people to hang out and enjoy the evening. If you're planning to visit Key West, make sure you spend some time enjoying this beautiful city!

Key West Florida Food

You can't visit Key West without trying the local cuisine, and the island's food scene is no exception. A taste of the region is best found at the quaint Old Town Bakery, which offers delicious pastries, coffee, and fresh bread, as well as sandwiches. A local favorite is the mahi-mahi sandwich, a firm white fish with a mild flavor. It is served in a sandwich and is usually paired with a side of lettuce, tomato, and Thousand Island dressing. Another popular dish is the black-eyed pea bollos, which are deep-fried treats.

Whether you're craving a seafood-based entree or a casual street-food lunch, Key West offers something for everyone. This seafood-centric city boasts over 400 restaurants in less than four square miles. It has a wide variety of menus and is home to many local favorites and international dishes. There's also plenty of shopping to do in the island's charming downtown area, and local wares are available at many stores.

Authentic Key lime pie is one of the most popular desserts on the island. Made from the juice of a tiny yellow Key lime, the pie is the official state pie of Florida. The pie is typically made with three main ingredients - sweetened condensed milk, 100 percent key lime juice, and a cracker crust. There's even a chocolate-dipped version, a staple in the area's food.

Other Attractions in Key West

The island is also home to the Naval Air Station, a year-round training center for naval aviation. Moreover, the tropical climate of Key West makes it the perfect place for a winter white house for President Harry S. Truman. Much of the island is devoted to the central business district, including Duval Street. The town's unique boutiques and shops make it a popular destination for travelers and shoppers alike.

The city's sponge population is abundant. The town is also known for its renowned sponging, which was a significant source of income in the past. In fact, the island is known for its sponges, which are considered one of the most essential parts of the ecosystem. The spongy islands are the ideal place for a vacation. There are several other places in Key West, such as the Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park and the Florida National Cemetery.

A trip to Key West would not be complete without experiencing its unique nightlife. Despite the many activities in Key West, the nightlife is among the most notable. A few famous spots to check out in the city include Sloppy Joe's Bar and The Blind Pig Food Truck.