8 Best: Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Florida

Florida Hot DogsFLORDIA - This state has plenty of choices if you're craving tasty hot dogs in Florida. We've got you covered, from Portillo's Hot Dogs in Brandon to Hot Dog Heaven in Orlando.  These spots offer a variety of delicious hot dogs and other tasty treats. You can also try local specialties such as bison brats or elk jalapeno cheddar franks.

8 Best: Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Florida
8 Must-Try Hot Dog Joints in Florida

Where to Find The Best Hot Dog in Florida

1. Portillo's Hot Dogs

Hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches are the staples of this Chicago-born chain, which serves them in retro digs.  While hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches are the staples, Portillo's also serves beer. The food is fresh, and the quaint ambiance is fun.

If you're in Brandon, Florida, and want a tasty, quick meal, consider visiting Portillo's Hot Dogs. This fast food joint is located at 1748 W. Brandon Blvd., so it should be easy to find on your way to the area. You can also view the menu online and place an order. The restaurant was clean and pleasant. The fries were crispy, but the hot dogs lacked tender outer skin. The staff was friendly, and the prices were affordable.

2. Hot Dog Heaven in Orlando

Hot Dog Heaven is a must-visit for those who want to enjoy the best hot dogs in Orlando, Florida.  Although you may have to wait in line, the hot dogs are worth the wait. And the flavors are excellent, too. Whether you're craving a hot dog or a frankfurter, you can find it here.

This chain restaurant specializes in authentic Chicago hot dogs. It offers both regular and jumbo-size hot dogs. You can order a basket with sides for an even bigger meal. They also offer Italian and Polish sausages. Hot Dog Heaven uses Vienna Beef Products, which guarantees high quality.

3. Arbetter's Hot Dogs in Miami

The retro-style restaurant is a local institution serving chili dogs, corn dogs, and chili cheese fries. In the spirit of the old-time diner, the menu is kept simple.  The hot dogs are served on buns with mayonnaise and topped with chili.

The restaurant is owned by David Arbetter, the son of Robert Arbetter, who stepped in after his father passed away. Robert Arbetter, who loved Boston, turned down an opportunity to study medicine and instead served in the Army in Korea. After the war, Robert's sons took over the business, including his sons, Ronnie Dave. Unfortunately, Ronnie passed away in 2008 from pancreatic cancer, but his son David continued to keep the family business running. Arbetter's Hot Dogs in the Miami area offer four items: a hot dog, a cheese hot dog, French fries, and a secret chili recipe. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.

4. Mel's Hot Dogs in Tampa

This modest fast-serve hot dog joint is popular with all sorts of people.  The decor is hot dog-themed, and the selection of beef wieners is extensive. The food is also affordable. The owners are eager to serve locals and tourists. This location is perfect for families.

Mel Lohn opened Mel's Hot Dogs on Busch Boulevard in Tampa, Florida, in 1973. Though the business has undergone a facelift, it is still a family-owned Chicago-style hot dog joint that's a staple of the East Tampa food scene. Virginia, Mel's wife, has renovated the location and changed the menu, but you can still find the famous dogs, sandwiches, and thick-cut fries. The restaurant offers many coupons and donates to charity. It has earned good publicity and word-of-mouth from influential people in Tampa.

5. Harrell's Hot Dogs + Cold Cones in Winter Garden

Harrell's Hot Dogs + Cold cones is a downtown eatery with specialty hot dogs and an extensive selection of toppings.  You can choose up to three toppings per dog and select a sauce. You can even customize your dog by choosing from the different buns available.

This eatery is part of the Knallhart Management Group, which operates 12 restaurants in Central Florida. It's located right in Winter Garden's historic downtown area. The restaurant offers a great atmosphere, excellent service, and affordable prices.

6. Coney Island Joe's in Hollywood

Coney Island Joe's is a local favorite with the residents of Hollywood, Florida. The restaurant has excellent food and accommodating service. It also serves the surrounding communities of Emerald Hills and Lawn Acres. Google has rated this location 4.7 out of 5 stars. It does serve a wide variety of American cuisine.

7. Hot Dogs on Main in Dunedin

Whether you're looking for a casual hot dog place or a more upscale option, Hot Dogs on Main is worth a try.  It features a variety of hot dogs and sausages, as well as outside tables. It's a perfect place to get lunch on a hot day.

Hot Dogs on Main in Dunedin serves both traditional and gourmet hot dogs. You can choose from various flavors, including the Chicago dog, Brooklyn dog, and the classic chili cheese dog. There are also plenty of tables for large groups.

8. Mad Dogs Hot Dogs in Venice

If you're in Venice, Florida, and looking for an excellent place to grab a hot dog, consider stopping by Mad Dogs Hot Dogs. They're a family-friendly spot with a beautiful patio that seats large groups quickly. They also offer food to go.

In addition to hot dogs and other American fare, Mad Dogs also offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian items. They're open Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Their menu is very comprehensive, and the staff is knowledgeable. However, one major complaint is that using styrofoam containers is not sustainable.