Experience The Kennedy Space Center

Explore The Kennedy Space Center.FLORIDA - No matter your level of space knowledge, this Florida attraction will leave you with a deeper appreciation for NASA's achievements and an urge to look ahead into the future. Begin your adventure at an Early Space Exploration exhibit before taking a bus tour to Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Experience The Kennedy Space Center
Photo: Brian McGowan

Explore The Kennedy Space Center

Space enthusiasts will delight in this center, which chronicles America's Space Program from its inception to today. A restored Saturn V launch vehicle used during NASA's Apollo era provides a special highlight for visitors; you can enjoy walking tours and entertainment at Firing Room Theater which recreates a countdown to launch.

You might want to check out the Robot Scouts exhibit for younger kids. It offers educational and entertaining activities tailored towards young space explorers.

At the Astronaut Memorial, a 42-foot high "Space Mirror" illuminates the names of 24 astronauts who sacrificed their lives for NASA. Constructed out of black granite, this memorial bears witness to those who gave their lives in space exploration.

Additionally, you will find exhibits that trace the beginnings of the program. Some videos offer exclusive views into Mission Control and the Rocket Garden - featuring different rockets throughout its history.

Rocket Garden: This is your first sight as you enter the visitor complex at Kennedy Space Center. You'll be delighted by how much information about NASA's history is presented here.

Early Space Exploration: This exhibit honors the pioneers of NASA's Space Shuttle, Apollo, Mercury and Gemini programs with an immersive 360-degree film, displays of a Redstone launch vehicle and Mercury capsule, personal belongings from astronauts aboard both rockets as well as a 4-D movie called Through the Eyes of a Hero.

Apollo/Saturn V Center: After exploring the early space exploration exhibits, it's time to head over to the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Here, you'll find a two-story slide, hands-on activities and flight simulators. Plus you'll get an up-close view of Saturn V - used to send astronauts to the moon and other planets - plus Mission Control Zone where you can experience life as a NASA engineer on real shuttle missions by watching movies, walking in cockpits and even playing with spacecraft systems!

Heroes & Legends: This museum showcases interactive exhibits that chronicle the stories of some of history's greatest astronauts. Highlights include a replica of Gemini 9 spacecraft, Rocket Garden featuring classic rockets and spaceships, as well as the U.S. Space Shuttle Enterprise.