7 Must-Try Places to Eat in Fort Lauderdale

Fort LauderdaleFLORIDA - Fort Lauderdale offers many dining options, with beautiful waterfront locations allowing diners to experience spectacular views while they dine. Plenty of local eateries offer an impressive variety of delicious cuisine at excellent prices. Whether your tastes run toward fine dining or casual fare, there's an eatery out there sure to meet them both.

7 Best Places to Eat When in Fort Lauderdale

Where to Eat in Fort Lauderdale

1. DUNE by Laurent Tourondel

Miami New Times awarded DUNE by Laurent Tourondel the 2022 Best Restaurant (Fort Lauderdale). Dune by Laurent Tourondel boasts an eclectic menu influenced by South Florida's coastal environment and Laurent Tourondel's passion for food - reflecting both of his Michelin star accolades! The restaurant also offers breathtaking ocean and Fort Lauderdale beach views, making this venue perfect for lunch, dinner, or brunch.

2. Greek Islands Taverna

Greek Islands Taverna in Fort Lauderdale is a family-owned and operated restaurant featuring many staples of Greek cuisine and an impressive wine list and bar selection. Customers enjoy its traditional atmosphere as they dine outside on beautiful Lauderdale nights. Located in a tranquil neighborhood, it is the ideal location for date night! Don't miss the pikilia - four tasty dips served alongside warm pita bread for maximum enjoyment!

3. Heritage Larb Thai Isan

Specializing in food from Thailand's impoverished northeastern region of Isan, they specialize in creating delectable larb dishes to please every palate. At its heart lies Isaan-inspired cuisine: from sharp-and-salty raw fish salads like som tum to tender shredded bamboo shoots and marinated chicken dishes such as mok nho mai (tender bamboo shoots).

4. Southport Raw Bar

Southport Raw Bar offers some of the finest seafood, making it the ideal stop to taste what the city offers. Situated alongside a canal and with an inviting boat dock as its backdrop, its menu specializes in popular options like shrimp, oysters, and calamari. There is also an impressive selection of appetizers and entrees.

4. Runway 84

Anthony's Runway 84 has long been one of the favorite Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. It's timeless decor and celebrity appeal have become nightly destinations for cocktails and convivial gatherings. The new menu draws inspiration from its predecessor and boasts classic dishes that regulars love, like a vast "Sunday feast" plate or family-sized cauliflower rigatoni bowl.

5. Evelyn's No Man's Land

Evelyn's No Man's Land at Four Seasons Hotel offers one of Fort Lauderdale's premier dining experiences with panoramic ocean views from its roof-top location. Enjoy delicious food and cocktails here for an unforgettable dining experience! The menu offers a delightful combination of coastal Florida cuisine and Mediterranean mezze dishes, such as seafood towers. Drinks offer extra flair; their specialty cocktail, the Miami Beet, is sure to please.

6. Burlock Coast

Burlock Coast Seafare & Spirits at The Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale offers an eclectic dining experience inspired by Prohibition-era rumrunners. This restaurant-cafe-market-bar blend offers fresh flavors while adding an irreverent edge to the Fort Lauderdale dining scene.

7. Planta Queen

Planta Queen in River North offers stylish Asian fusion. Their chic atmosphere, upbeat music playlist, delicious vegan options like avocado-lime tartare, General Lee cauliflower, and their "tuna" nigiri made with dehydrated watermelons make for a memorable dining experience.