Visiting The Space Center in Houston, TX

Space Center in HoustonHOUSTON, TX - Visiting Space Center Houston in Texas is a must for any space buff.  Here, you can explore the history and future of space travel, learn about NASA's missions, and enjoy a wide variety of interactive experiences.

Visiting The Space Center in Houston, TX

Exploring The Space Center in Houston, Texas

Space Center is located in Houston, Texas, is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum. It is the official visitor center of NASA's Johnson Space Center.  The facility is also home to the United States astronaut training program and Mission Control. The center also features a gift shop that sells space-related toys and books.

The Space Center also has a large parking lot is reasonably affordable. You can drive or take the free shuttle bus to the center if you have a car. It should take about 30 minutes to get to the center.

There are several things to see at Space Center Houston, but the Astronaut Gallery is the best. It features a variety of simulations, including an astronaut training simulation and a simulation of life on the International Space Station.

The Starship Gallery is also worth a visit. It contains several spacecraft and space artifacts, including an Apollo 17 capsule. This is the museum's largest and most impressive exhibit. It is also the only place you can touch a real moon rock.

The Space Center also has a theater. The theater is five stories tall and features several interesting features. It is also home to one of the state's most impressive 4K screens. This theater features a wide range of space-related films and documentaries.