What is Denver's Most Iconic Restaurant?

What is Denver's Most Iconic Restaurant?COLORADO STATE - The Buckhorn Exchange stands tall as Denver's most iconic restaurant in a city brimming with culinary delights.  Established in 1893, this historic establishment is the oldest restaurant in the city and a living testament to Denver's Wild West heritage.

What is Denver's Most Iconic Restaurant?
What is Denver's Most Iconic Restaurant?

The Buckhorn Exchange: Denver's Iconic Culinary Landmark

Stepping into The Buckhorn Exchange is like stepping back in time. The rustic decor, featuring taxidermied animals, antique firearms, and memorabilia from the Old West, creates a nostalgic and captivating atmosphere.

Beyond its unique ambiance, The Buckhorn Exchange is renowned for its eclectic menu, which showcases a wide array of game meats and other adventurous fare. From Rocky Mountain oysters (fried bull testicles) to rattlesnakes and alligators, the restaurant offers a culinary experience that is both daring and delicious.

However, the Buckhorn Exchange is not just for adventurous eaters. Its menu also features classic dishes like steaks, prime rib, and seafood, ensuring something for everyone.

The Buckhorn Exchange has a storied history, hosting five U.S. presidents, countless celebrities, and generations of Denver locals. Its walls are adorned with photographs and autographs of famous patrons, adding to the restaurant's allure and historical significance.

Beyond its culinary offerings and historical charm, The Buckhorn Exchange is also a popular destination for special events and private parties. Its unique atmosphere and exceptional service make it an ideal venue for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other celebrations.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, The Buckhorn Exchange is a must-visit destination in Denver. Its rich history, eclectic menu, and unique ambiance offer an unforgettable dining experience.