What is the State Bird of Ohio?

Travel Map IconOHIO - The State Bird of Ohio is the Cardinal, a member of the family of passerine birds.  This family also includes the Piranga, grosbeak, and bunting. The Cardinal is an essential part of the state's ecosystem, making it an important state symbol.

The State Bird of Ohio is the Cardinal

In the wild, the red cardinal lives in wooded areas and shrubbery.  It lives in brushy fields, woodlands, and fence rows. They are also popular in cities and often frequent city parks. They can be recognized by their bright red plumage and distinctive black mask. While the Cardinal is the State Bird of Ohia, its habitat varies depending on the season.

Before the 19th century, the state was home to fewer cardinals. This is because the species preferred mixed habitats. During that time, the state's dense forests did not provide an ideal habitat for the cardinal. However, as European settlers began clearing forests, the state's natural habitats became more suitable for this species. The Cardinal can be seen throughout Ohio, from rural to urban centers.

Ohio's state frog is the bullfrog. This animal is the largest in North America and has a loud, clear call that can be heard from up to a mile away. It lives in marshes and ponds across the state, and its lifespan is seven to nine years. Adult bullfrogs are sometimes hunted for their legs. The legs are sometimes even served as food at upscale restaurants.