What is the State Bird of Arkansas?

What is the State Bird of Arkansas?ARKANSAS - The state bird of Arkansas is the Northern Mockingbird, a species common throughout the state. It is a brilliant bird capable of mimicking other birds' and animals' sounds. It is a resident of Arkansas year-round and prefers open spaces.

What is the State Bird of Arkansas?
Photo: Northern Mockingbird

The State Bird Of Arkansas Is The Northern Mockingbird

The state bird of Arkansas is the mockingbird, a songbird that is the most commonly heard bird in the south. While it does not migrate, the mockingbird can mimic other birds' sounds. Another state bird is the Diana Fritillary Butterfly. Although it is not as common as the hummingbird, it is still recognized as the state bird.

Another state icon is the pecan, the official state nut. Pecan trees can be found throughout the state and thrive in damp soil. They are widely planted in fields and along rivers. Their edible pecan nut is a prized commodity in Arkansas. The state rock is bauxite, which was designated in 1967. Bauxite is the most common ore in aluminum.

The Attwater's prairie chicken is the state bird. It is a beautiful bird and is noted for its impressive mating ritual. Its males perform a showy dance with booming vocalizations, and its impressive choreography has inspired Native American dances. The state bird of Arkansas is a critically endangered species, and it recently took a beating from Hurricane Harvey.