5 Must-Visit: Whiskey and Bourbon Tours in Tennessee

Best Whiskey and Bourbon ToursTENNESSEE- Whether you are a connoisseur of whiskey or enjoy a good drink from time to time, you may want to check out the best whiskey distilleries to visit in Tennessee.  You can find a variety of distilleries in the state of Tennessee, ranging from small, family-run businesses to large companies with multiple facilities.

Best Whiskey and Bourbon Tours in Tennessee
Photo: Corsair Distillery in Nashville

Where are The Best Whiskey and Bourbon Tours in TN?

1. Corsair Distillery in Nashville

Located in the Nashville, Tennessee, suburbs, Corsair Distillery is making a name for itself in the craft spirits industry.  A little over five years old, Corsair has earned more than 40 awards and recognition, including Craft Distiller of the Year from the Whisky Advocate. It is the first legal craft distillery in Tennessee in almost a century. The company uses several unique processes, such as triple smoke, to produce smoked wheat whiskey. In addition to the smoked wheat, the distillery produces rye and quinoa whiskey.

2. George Dickel Tennessee Whisky in Tullahoma

Located in Tullahoma, Tennessee, the George Dickel Distillery produces eight labels of Tennessee Whisky. The Diageo corporation operates the distillery, which also owns Jack Daniel's. The distillery offers weekend tours, but these are not available on major holidays. The George Dickel family includes Cascade Hollow Distilling Company, a small, family-owned whiskey producer. It is located in the scenic hills of Tullahoma, Tennessee. The distillery has a visitor center open for shopping and tastings on weekends.

3. Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg

Jack Daniel's Distillery is the world's largest-selling American whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee.  The distillery is a National Historic Landmark and one of the country's oldest registered distilleries. The company produces various products, including Jack Daniel's Original, Silver Select, and Black Label. If you haven't visited the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, you're missing out. This one-stoplight town is famous for its whiskey and attracts visitors from all over the country and the world. Despite its small size, it is home to the world's most popular whiskey distillery and is the source of the famous "old number seven." The city's name is a bit of a mystery. Some sources claim it was taken from Tom Lynch, while others say it's a misprint. Regardless, the city is a quaint, charming, one-stop-light town full of unique shops and restaurants.

4. Leiper's Fork Distillery in Franklin

Located in Franklin, Tennessee, Leiper's Fork Distillery has opened its doors to the public.  This small distillery is dedicated to creating premium spirits using only local ingredients. The company is led by Lee Kennedy, who committed to recapturing the lost art of small-batch production. The distillery is housed in a large, timber frame building with a 500-gallon copper still. This facility also includes a grain hopper, cypress mash cookers, and a finishing area. The company has a history dating back to the early days of moonshine running. They are proud to continue a tradition of high-end whiskey making in Middle Tennessee. They produce 25,000 gallons of whiskey annually. The company offers tours to the public.

5. Short Mountain Distillery in Woodbury

Located in the heart of Tennessee's wine country, the Short Mountain Distillery is a brewmaster's delight.  Aside from their flagship product, the bourbon, they also produce six other spirits of the same ilk. The short and sweet distillery is located in Woodbury, Tennessee, and is home to the state's only whiskey tasting room and an upscale restaurant and winery. They are a family-friendly enterprise and welcome visitors with open arms. They also have a small but savvy staff happy to share their expertise. Whether you are in the market for a new whisky or just looking to have a few drinks in the buff, they are the professionals to call. Taking a tour of the onsite tasting facility is a must for the connoisseur of the craft.