Top 10 Food Traps to Avoid on Your Hawaiian Vacation

Top 10 Food Traps to Avoid on Your Hawaiian VacationHawaii beckons with stunning scenery, warm hospitality, and delicious food.  But with its popularity comes tourist-oriented spots that can empty your taste buds and wallet. Don't let that happen! Here's our guide to the top 10 food traps to avoid on your Hawaiian adventure.

Top 10 Food Traps to Avoid on Your Hawaiian Vacation
Top 10 Food Traps to Avoid on Your Hawaiian Vacation

Top 10 Tourist Eats to Skip in Hawaii

Restaurant with a View (at a Price)

Breathtaking panoramas are a dime a dozen in Hawaii. Don't confuse a view with a great meal—research local favorites over pricier restaurants that capitalize on location over quality.

Luau Buffet Bonanza

While luaus offer a cultural experience, buffets can be impersonal and sacrifice quality for quantity. Consider smaller, more authentic luaus focusing on fresh, local ingredients and traditional preparation.

Generic "Hawaiian" Food

Don't settle for pineapple on pizza or teriyaki everything. Hawaiian cuisine is a vibrant blend of Polynesian, Asian, and American influences. Seek out dishes like poke (marinated raw fish salad), loco moco (white rice, hamburger patty, gravy, and fried egg), and haupia (coconut pudding).

Chain Restaurants

You came to Hawaii, not Anytown, USA! Resist the urge to fall back on familiar chains. Explore the unique flavors the islands offer at local eateries.

Resort Restaurants

Convenience often comes at a cost. Venture out of your resort and discover the culinary gems hidden in the towns nearby. Local food trucks usually offer delicious and affordable options.

Expensive Hotel Breakfasts

Many hotels offer hefty breakfast buffets but consider exploring farmers' markets or grab-and-go options for a lighter, more budget-friendly start to your day.

Bottled Water

Save money and the environment! Hawaii has some of the cleanest tap water in the nation. Invest in a reusable water bottle and refill it throughout your trip.

Pre-Packaged Snacks

For a healthier, more affordable option, skip the overpriced airport snacks or mini-fridge items and stock up on fresh fruits and local treats from grocery stores or farmers' markets.

Fancy Cocktails Every Night

While indulging in a tropical drink is part of the experience, focus on happy hour deals or try local favorites like guava juice or passion fruit iced tea for a refreshing and budget-conscious alternative.

Souvenir Food Items

Those beautifully packaged macadamia nut chocolates or colorful candy mixes might look tempting, but they're often overpriced and full of sugar. Opt for locally-made jams, honey, or coffee beans for a more authentic (and delicious) souvenir.

By following these tips, you can avoid tourist traps and experience the authentic taste of Hawaii – delicious, affordable, and a delightful part of your island adventure!