5 Must-Try Polish Boy Sandwiches in Cleveland, OH

Food Travel LogoCLEVELAND - If you love the taste of traditional Polish food and the thought of the best Polish boy sandwiches in Cleveland, Ohio is at the top of your list, then you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for a fast meal on the go or a place to eat with your family, here are some of the best options around town.

Who Has The Best Polish boy Sandwiches in Cleveland, Ohio?
Photo: Banter Beer and Wine

Who Has The Best Polish boy Sandwiches in Cleveland, Ohio?

1. Little Polish Diner

If you're a fan of good food, you should head to Little Polish Diner in Cleveland, Ohio. This spot offers home-cooked food for reasonable prices. There's a good atmosphere here, and the staff is friendly. The Little Polish Diner is also great for getting your fill of pierogis. These dumplings are made from noodle dough filled with potatoes and onions. You can choose from a variety of fillings and flavors. They also have fruit-filled pastries. Besides pierogis, the diner serves a variety of sandwiches. One of them is the Polish Boy. It's a classic Cleveland sandwich that's been praised by many chefs.

2. Real Smoqed BBQ

Authentic Smoqed BBQ is a Cleveland, Ohio, establishment with the best of both worlds. Along with their Polish Boy, they offer a wide selection of craft cocktails. Aside from the standard barbecue fare, they also have some interesting veggie options. Their menu is stocked with a few other wacky foods, such as chicken tikka kabobs and buffalo wings. One of the unique things about this establishment is its smokey-smoked meats. They use an all-wood-burning J&R Oyler 700 to smoke their meats. In addition to serving the tastiest smoked meats in town, they also have a few gluten-free options.

3. Rowley Inn

There are a lot of great restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio. But there are few as cool as the Rowley Inn. This iconic American eatery puts a local twist on traditional dishes. Located across the street from the A Christmas Story house in the Tremont neighborhood, this is a fun place to stop for drinks and pierogi. The restaurant is known for its unique take on the Polish Boy hot dog. It is also an award-winning sandwich shop. They serve dozens of variations of a classic sandwich. And if you are in the mood for a good beer, their selection is impressive. Rowley Inn also serves excellent salads, buttermilk biscuits, and other dishes.

4. Banter Beer and Wine

If you're looking for a unique sandwich in Cleveland, check out Banter. This restaurant serves up a version of the Polish Boy. It's a sausage-and-fries combination that's become a staple of the city. It's a cheffy and oozy combination of a kielbasa sausage with fries. Foodies and notable magazines, such as Esquire and Food Network, have lauded the Polish boy. The sandwich has even made it onto a list of the best sandwiches in the nation.

5. Seti’s

Cleveland's Polish Boy sandwich is one of the city's most famous. The dish includes a link of kielbasa sausage topped with a layer of barbecue sauce and coleslaw. It is served with french fries and is a staple in the city's culinary scene. While the origins of the Polish Boy are unknown, they are likely to have been inspired by the early Polish community that came to Cleveland in the 1860s. Originally a kielbasa dog, the recipe is considered to be a "dressed-up" hot dog.