5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Pennsylvania

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in PennsylvaniaPENNSYLVANIA - Ice cream is a favorite of Pennsylvanians, and it's not just any kind. Pennsylvania ranks among the top 12 states in ice cream consumption. The most popular flavor is chocolate, while Rocky Road is the second-most popular nationwide. It is not surprising that Pennsylvanians enjoy ice cream in the summer months.

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Pennsylvania
Where Are the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Pennsylvania?

Where Are the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Pennsylvania?

1. The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia

The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia offers a nostalgic taste of days gone by. Its classic soda fountain serves a variety of authentic flavors. You can sample rum, root beer, whiskey, and chocolate fudge and even order a chocolate frappe or a cup of lemonade. The atmosphere is homey, and you'll get excellent service from friendly servers.

The fountain also offers many unique soda fountain treats, including a root beer float made with their recipe. There are also phosphates with flavors like ginger and rose. And don't miss the "New York egg cream."

2. Bassett’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia

Bassett's Ice Cream is a popular Philadelphia location with more than 40 flavors. You can purchase ice cream in a cone, cup, or container. The flavors range from vanilla to strawberry to coconut. Customers can also choose to purchase a variety of toppings or drinks.

Bassett's has been a Philadelphia institution for more than a century. The store's ice cream is made by Galliker's Dairy, a third-generation family-owned business in Johnstown, Pa. The ice cream is made in two buildings filled with metal tanks. The cream is blended with local milk and Guatemalan coffee. Then, it's frozen using a machine that forces the frozen dessert through tubes and is stored at 20 degrees below zero.

The company first opened at Reading Terminal Market in 1861. Today, the family that started the business is still running the company. Their ice cream is known for its rich and creamy flavor. The ice cream has butterfat instead of egg yolks, which results in a richer and creamier taste. The company also sells novelty items and specialty shakes.

3. Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

Millie's Homemade Ice Cream in Pittsburgh is an ice cream shop that serves delicious, locally produced flavors. Chad Townsend is a former fine-dining chef who branched out to create a business of his own. He invested in a Paco-Jet, a micro-puree machine that creates ice cream from deep-frozen foods. The machine costs a lot of money, so Townsend had to use his wife's credit card to purchase it.

Millie's Ice Cream has a large following on Instagram and two storefronts in Market Square and Shadyside. The company also has a commercial manufacturing facility and tasting room in Homestead. The truck also frequently appears at pop-up events and food truck rallies around Pittsburgh.

4. Penn State Berkey Creamery in University Park

The University's historic creamery dates back to 1889. Today, it produces ice cream and sherbets for students and the public. It also hosts a variety of events, including ice cream socials. The creamery has even won awards for its sherbets.

The Berkey Creamery is one of the best places to get ice cream. It has more than 100 flavors to choose from and rotates them throughout the year. It has an outdoor seating area and a café. The shop also sells items made with coffee, honey, and other natural ingredients.

The Creamery is a must-stop when visiting central Pennsylvania. In the 1980s, Creamery supplied the university's dining halls with three million pounds of milk each year. In 2004, Creamery produced 225,000 gallons of ice cream and 200,000 pounds of cheese products. In addition to providing milk to the university, Creamery sold its products to the public.

5. Ballyhoo Ice Cream in West Pittston

The Ballyhoo Ice Cream in West Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an old-fashioned ice cream shop with a fascinating history. The store opened on Halloween 2012 and is housed in a historic building. It once held a soda fountain but has since been converted into a candy shop and museum. The ice cream is hand-dipped and comes in all kinds of flavors. Customers can try classic flavors like banana splits, egg creams, and even ice cream floats. The store also offers a large selection of homemade waffle cones and shakes.

If you're looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, Ballyhoo Ice Cream in West Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers the perfect treat. The shop serves delicious ice cream and other treats at a reasonable price. The restaurant is easy to find on the streets of West Pittston and offers bike racks and free parking. You can eat lunch or dinner at the store and then return later for another treat!