8 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Indiana

Hot Dog Spots in IndianaINDIANA - We've identified the top hot dog spots in Indiana. Whether you are craving a classic frankfurter or something unique, these establishments will satisfy your hunger. From footlongs grilled over hot coals to meat-sauce-topped, there's no shortage of hot dog joints throughout Indiana. So whether you're in Coney Island, Cincinnati style, or Slaw Dog Happy, there's sure to be a spot for everyone.

8 Best Hot Dog Spots in Indiana

Where are The Best Hot Dog Spots in Indiana

1. Fort Wayne's Famous Coney

For over a century, The Coney stand has been serving delicious hot dogs and hand-chopping pounds of onions daily - proof that good old-fashioned goodness never goes out of style. Though it's a small establishment, its menu boasts an array of items from hamburgers to chili soup and even pies of the day! Since 1914, this family-run establishment has delighted generations of satisfied customers with its delicious fare.

2. Louie's Coney Island

Louie's Coney Island in Kokomo is a family-owned local favorite. It serves delicious baked goods and coney dogs, as well as other homemade classics like tenderloins and burgers. This restaurant is renowned for its coney sauce, which consists of ground beef, mustard, and onions. Their chili and cheese-topped hot dogs are also must-tries!

3. Portillo's Merrillville

Portillo's, located at Century Plaza in Merrillville, is a Chicago-born chain serving hot dogs, Italian beef, burgers, salads, and double-layer chocolate cake. Portillo's offers the perfect hot dog in a sleeve and other delectable treats like Italian sausages and cheese fries. Portillo's has been around for over 50 years and earned itself the moniker "house of hot dogs," starting with a small trailer in 1963.

4. Mug-n-Bun Drive

Nothing says Americana quite like a classic drive-in, and Mug-n-Bun in Speedway is one of the state's oldest. Situated across from Speedway Raceway, they've served drivers and fans for over 50 years! These beef-pork blend dogs may have an acquired taste, but their flavorful sauce and chopped raw onions make up for it. When combined with mustard and chili powder, these hot dogs become the ultimate treat for any hot dog enthusiast's palate.

5. DJ's Hot Dog Co.

DJ's is your go-to spot if you're searching for an excellent hot dog in Indianapolis, IN. Their extensive menu of sandwiches and other food items make this place a popular destination among both locals and tourists alike, who rave about its quality ingredients and service. The restaurant also offers some creative twists on the traditional hot dog. For instance, they have a special bun that looks nothing like your typical hot dog bun; it features an opening in the middle that can be filled with one of many sauces.

6. Fat Dan's Deli

Fat Dan's Deli boasts an impressive selection and is considered one of Indianapolis's best delis. It offers a selection of hot dogs, such as Chicago and beef dogs. You can add toppings like chili or cheese for an extra charge. Customers have praised its friendly staff and noted how good the food is at an unbeatable price point.

7. Chicago Beef and Dog Company

Chicago Beef and Dog Company is your perfect destination for an authentic hot dog experience that you won't find elsewhere in Indianapolis. What used to be a Chinese take-out has been transformed into an inviting burger joint and hot dog eatery with homemade fresh-cut fries for all to enjoy. The best part is that this restaurant is open to the public for lunch and dinner.

8. Garcia's Hot Dogs

Garcia's is your destination for the finest hot dogs in Indianapolis. This Eastside cart has been serving delicious dogs on 16th and Emerson since 2011, making it a neighborhood institution. In addition to classic dishes, they also offer specialty items like chili dogs and bacon-wrapped brats. Garcia will always serve it with a smile, no matter what you order.