The Legacy of Fletcher's Corny Dogs in Texas

Fletcher's Corny Dogs in TexasTEXAS - The legacy of Fletcher's Corny Dogs extends far beyond its humble beginnings at the 1942 State Fair of Texas. Neil and Carl Fletcher's invention revolutionized the way people enjoyed hot dogs, and its popularity only continued to grow over the years. The ingenious concept of coating hot dogs in cornmeal and deep-frying them not only added a delightful crunch but also intensified the flavors, making them irresistibly delicious.

The Legacy of Fletcher's Corny Dogs in Texas
The Legacy of Fletcher's Corny Dogs in Texas

Through hard work and determination, the Fletcher brothers were able to turn their initial lukewarm response into a resounding success. To win over skeptics and create a buzz, they took the bold step of cutting their corny dogs in half and handing out free samples. This strategy proved to be a turning point, as people fell in love with the unique combination of flavors and the convenience of the "food on a stick" concept. The brothers knew they had struck gold.

As the popularity of their invention soared, the brothers decided to give it a proper name - the Corny Dog. It became synonymous with the Fletcher brothers, and their loyal clientele continued to grow. Today, Fletcher's offers an enticing range of variations to cater to different tastes. These include the Jalapeño and Cheese Dog, which adds a spicy kick; the Veggie Dog, a lighter and healthier option for those seeking a vegetarian twist; the All-Beef and Brisket Blend Dog, which combines two delicious types of meat; and the Cheezy Pup, a cute and mouthwatering treat for kids and adults alike.

At the State Fair of Texas alone, over 500,000 corny dogs are sold annually. That amounts to an astonishing 60,000 pounds of hot dogs consumed by fairgoers who simply cannot resist the allure of Fletcher's creations. While mustard is the traditional condiment, the Fletchers made the decision to introduce ketchup in 1994 to satisfy customer demand. This small change only further enhanced the enjoyment of their already beloved food.

The success of Fletcher's Corny Dogs is not only reflected in its popularity among the general public but also in the admiration it has garnered from celebrities and dignitaries. Throughout the years, countless well-known individuals, including Oprah Winfrey and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, have indulged in the deliciousness of Fletcher's creations, further solidifying its status as an American cultural icon.

In honoring their father's legacy, Neil and Bill Fletcher have diligently carried on the family business following Neil Fletcher Sr.'s passing in 1988. Neil Fletcher Jr., affectionately known as Skip "the Corny Dog King," has been recognized for his contributions to the culinary world as the "inventor of the Corny Dog" by the Texas State Senate. Under his guidance, Fletcher's saw continued success and innovation, with the introduction of the popular Jalapeño and Cheese Corny Dog among other delectable variations.

Today, the Fletcher's legacy thrives under the dedicated leadership of Skip's wife GG, their children Aaron and Amber, his brother Bill Fletcher, and other family members who remain committed to upholding the tradition of this iconic Texan treat. The Fletcher family's unwavering passion for corny dogs ensures that future generations will be able to experience the same joy and delight that has made Fletcher's Corny Dogs a cherished American delicacy for over 75 years.