8 Best Hot Dog Spots in Arizona

Hot Dogs, AZARIZONA- The Arizona area has a lot of great American eateries to choose from. Whether you’re craving burgers, pizza, or wings, there’s something for everyone in the area. But there’s one thing that will always be a crowd-pleaser: a hot dog. From New York-style franks to Chicago dogs to Colombian perros (topped with pineapple, guacamole, and mozzarella), there are plenty of Arizona hot dog joints to try.

8 Best Hot Dog Joints in Arizona
8 Best Hot Dog Joints in Arizona

Where to Find The Best Hot Dog's in Arizona

1. Hot Dogs at El Guero Canelo in Tucson

If you’re a fan of Sonoran hot dogs, you may be happy to know that El Guero Canelo in Tucson, AZ, has recently been named one of the top 10 best hot dog joints in the United States. Don’t forget to try the bacon-wrapped stuffed wieners. Which originated in Hermosillo, the capital of the Mexican state of Sonora, and are widespread throughout Arizona. You can find them in various places in town, including at El Guero Canelo.

2. Short Leash Hot Dogs in Phoenix

With all the choices you could ask for, Short Leash is a must-try in downtown Phoenix for anyone looking to try something new. Known for its wildly inventive menu, this brick-and-mortar outpost of a popular food truck serves a vast selection of gourmet hot dogs and flavor-bending donuts. Don’t miss the naan-wrapped wieners here, as they are topped with the most imaginative condiments you can imagine. For instance, their jalapeno cheese dog is wrapped in a crispy fried tortilla and dipped in a spicy avocado cream sauce that’s worth a gulp.

3. Hot Dogs at Detroit Coney Grill in Tempe

The Detroit Coney Grill is a year-old fast-food eatery that pays homage to the old-school burger joint. The menu includes hand-cut fries from Idaho russets, Angus beef ground in-house, and authentic hot dogs from Detroit. The menu is a mix of classic Detroit-style foods — from chicken wings to fried pickle chips and sliders — but the real draw here is its hefty coney dog. It’s an all-beef hot dog topped with chili, white onions, and yellow mustard.

4. Ted’s Hot Dogs in Tempe

Ted’s is a long-running chain known for its charcoal-grilled hot dogs and other fast-food fares. The menu is fairly simple, with char-grilled hot dogs in common, foot-long and jumbo varieties, sausage, burgers, chicken, and fries. There’s even a bacon and cheese dog on the menu, but we recommend going for the smoky and spicy version. It’s also a great place to get a drink (we’re big on the old-fashioned milkshake).

5. Hot Dogs at Lenny’s Burger in Phoenix

Lenny’s Burger is a local, family-owned diner with locations Valleywide that serves up good chili dogs in an atmosphere replete with 1950s-style booths and checkered tile floors. It is a great place to go for a hot dog late into the night. The restaurant also offers good ice cream in a horchata, lemonade, or milkshake form. They also serve a tasty Sonoran hot dog that is mesquite-smoked and bacon wrapped.

6. Hot Dogs at Route 66 Dog Haus in Flagstaff

This is a classic roadside stop in Flagstaff with a drive-through window and four shaded picnic tables. It may not be the oldest hot dog joint in town, but it still packs a punch. New owner Bill Unkovich said he is building on the tradition of offering Flagstaff comfort food to fans of all ages. The signature Chicago-style hot dog - a Cadillac of franks in the natural casing - is stacked with neon green relish, chopped onions, tomato wedges, a pickle spear, and two sport peppers. It nestles on a poppy seed bun from S. Rosen’s, a Chicago-based chain.

7. Nogales Hot Dogs in Phoenix

One of the best places in Arizona for a Sonoran-style dog is Nogales Hot Dogs at the southwest corner of 20th Street and Indian School Road in CenPho. This family-owned business has become a neighborhood staple. Owner Pablo Perez has been making these hot dogs for over a decade, and they are a must-try if you’re in the area. You can choose from several types of hot dogs, corn dogs, and vegetarian options.

8. Hot Dogs at Johnny’s Burgers & Dogs in Tempe

When it comes to hot dogs, Johnny’s Burgers & Dogs in Tempe is up there with the best. This taqueria boasts a wide selection of hot dogs and a hefty array of toppings. You can also find a handful of other goodies, including an impressive array of cheese fries. If you’re craving something a little more substantial, you’ll be pleased to know they offer a tasty menu of entrees, including several veggie options.