5 Best Hot Dog Shacks in New Mexico

Hot Dog Spots in New MexicoNEW MEXICO - According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans consume seven billion hot dogs annually.  So it's no surprise New Mexico has such an exciting hot dog scene with several must-try spots. Lucky Louie's Beer and Wieners is a local favorite, serving quality hot dogs with excellent service. Check out their Yelp reviews for more details.

5 Best Hot Dog Shacks in New Mexico
5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in New Mexico

Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in New Mexico

1. Hots Dogs at 505 Burgers & Wings at Gallup

What better way to enjoy a day on Route 66 than stopping at an old-school carhop joint for a foot-long corn dog? In addition to those fried pig's ears, you can get an Aggie Dog with barbecue sauce and shredded cheese! Look no further than 505 Burgers & Wings of Gallup, NM, for the finest hot dogs in New Mexico, not far from Route 66. They have an extensive menu with classic hot dog sandwiches and jumbo wings to please any appetite. You may even feel tempted to try their caesar salad! Not forgetting all other standard suspects like ice cream and coffee too - perfect for any occasion!

2. Hots Dogs at Foxy Drive-in at Clovis

Foxy Drive-in has been a Clovis institution since 1956. Families have been coming here for generations, so it's hard to imagine their menu would change much today! Classic favorites like chili dogs and golden corn dogs on a stick can be had, but for something special, why not try the Huckleberry Hound topped with huckleberry chipotle sauce and mozzarella cheese? Take your pick of delicious treats like the foot-long corn dog on a stick! It's worth stopping by for an enjoyable roadside stop while passing through New Mexico!

3. Hots Dogs at Old Apple Barn at Mountain Park

This classic diner offers more than hot dogs at what has been dubbed the state's longest-serving mart. Aside from your classic pork, beef, and sausage selection, they specialize in fresh corn that they serve quickly. Their offerings range from bourbon-glazed to bacon wrapped, perfect if you're on a budget! For best results, visit early evening when stars will illuminate the skyline! Make sure to stop by for the best experience - visit early for the best viewing!

4. Hots Dogs at Andele’s Dog House in Las Cruces

Andele's Dog House, situated in Old Mesilla next to Las Cruces, is a charming patio grill serving Mexican and American fare. Their award-winning salsa bar is self-service, with several beers on tap for your enjoyment. They serve a range of hot dogs, such as the Mexican Dog, which starts with a specially baked bun and an all-beef frank wrapped in bacon. Top it with pinto beans, onions, diced tomatoes, jalapeno mayonnaise mustard ketchup, and Andele's famous chile con queso sauce. Or choose Just A Dog, which comes on a fresh bakery bun topped off with traditional hot dog condiments for just $5.65! There's even a drive-thru window for takeout orders!

5. Urban Hot Dog Company in Albuquerque

If you're a big fan of hot dogs, you know that visiting certain parts of America would not be complete without sampling one. Fortunately, we're not alone in our craving--there are plenty of places across America where you can get an irresistible hot dog! If you're in Albuquerque and craving a hot dog, Urban Hot Dog Company is your go-to spot. This no-frills stand has served dogs with an avid customer base for ten years.