How Many Types of Scorpions Live In Texas?

How Many Types of Scorpions Live In Texas?TEXAS - Over 90 scorpion species exist in the United States, with 18 described species found within Texas. West Texas contains 17 scorpions; Texas Panhandle 5 species (smallest found in Brewster and Presidio counties); Southeastern Texas including Lower Rio Grande Valley 4; Central Texas two; remaining Texas one (C. vittatus).

How Many Types of Scorpions Live In Texas
How Many Types of Scorpions Live In Texas

18 Species Of Scorpions Are Found Within Texas

Scorpions tend to be most active between April and October when the temperatures reach at least 75F/22C, when they search for food and mates. Otherwise, they typically spend their winter months hidden until conditions become more suitable.

Preventing scorpions requires keeping them far away from your house. Keep the perimeter clear of brush, debris and lumber piles; move firewood at least 30 feet from your property so as to deprive scorpions of resting spots during the day; cut grass short to reduce hiding places for scorpions. Fix leaky air conditioners quickly while turning off outdoor lights before nightfall to deprive crickets from becoming food sources for scorpions.

Scorpions tend to avoid loud noises, bright lights and strong scents; caulking can also help deter scorpions by sealing cracks and crevices around doors and windows of your home. If you live in an area prone to scorpions, ensure your window and door screens and weatherstripping remain in good condition and repair any damages immediately.