The Legendary Double Okie Burger in Tulsa, OK

The Legendary Double Okie Burger in Tulsa, OKOKLAHOMA - Nestled along the famous Route 66, Hanks Hamburgers is a true gem that embodies the essence of Oklahoma's culture and heritage. This iconic establishment takes you back to a simpler time with its retro decor, vintage jukeboxes, and neon signs. As you step inside, the aroma of sizzling burgers fills the air, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie among patrons. Located at: 8933 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa, OK 74115

The Legendary Double Okie Burger in Tulsa, OK
Photo: Double Okie Burger in Tulsa, OK

The Legendary Double Okie Burger At Hanks

The legendary Double Okie burger is the cornerstone of their menu, featuring a generous 1/2 lb of juicy meat grilled to perfection. Topped with caramelized onions, this culinary delight elevates the burger to a whole new level of flavor.

Since 1949, Hanks Hamburgers has been frying up mouthwatering burgers that are quintessential hash-house fare. Alongside burgers, the menu includes Frito chili pie, corn dogs, onion rings, French fries, malts, and chocolate-covered peanut butter bon bons.

You can choose from single, double, triple, or even quadruple patties. The layers of meat and cheese in the multiple-patty configurations provide a textural adventure. For those with a bigger appetite, the Big Okie is a colossal masterpiece boasting a staggering 1 1/4 lb of succulent meat.

No visit to Hanks would be complete without indulging in their signature hand-cut fries. As you savor your onion burger, you'll feel a deep connection to Oklahoma's culinary history and traditions. Hanks Hamburgers continues to serve up iconic dishes that have become etched in the collective memory of locals and travelers alike.