Where to Find the Best Buffalo Wings in El Paso, TX

Where to Find the Best Buffalo Wings in El Paso, TXEl Paso, TX—Track One, a beloved watering hole in El Paso, is undergoing an exciting makeover while ensuring the preservation of its legendary wings. Established in 1972 by Robert Neilson and H.F Smith, also known as “Smitty," owners of Smith Neilson Datsun, Track One has been a community cornerstone for decades. The establishment currently went through an extensive renovation and a fresh new look that combines modern updates with its rich history. Considered on of "The Best Wing Spots in Texas."

Where to Find the Best Buffalo Wings in El Paso, TX
Photo: Track One

Track One, The Beloved Watering Hole In El Paso

While Track One is known for its diverse menu of delicious, hearty meal choices, the true highlight of the establishment lies in its Buffalo Wings.  Prepared with a perfect balance of breading and deep-frying, these wings come in orders of ten and are accompanied by crunchy celery and a side of zesty ranch dressing. Patrons can indulge in various mouthwatering flavors, including the classic Hot, tangy BBQ, savory Lemon Pepper, or the crowd-favorite Plain. For those seeking a unique culinary experience, the signature Double Dip option blends the fiery heat of hot sauce with the delightful sweetness of pure honey.

For over four decades, Track One has been the go-to spot for families and friends to gather, savor exceptional food, and revel in great drinks. The unique ambiance of the establishment further adds to its allure—an atmosphere crafted through the repurposing of three authentic railroad cars, including a beautifully restored 1920 Vintage Southern Pacific dining car, a charming caboose, and a reefer boxcar. This distinct blend of history and innovation has made Track One an iconic destination and a beloved El Paso staple.

Located at 1330 Buffalo Soldier Rd., El Paso TX 79925,  Track One offers multiple dining options to cater to all preferences. Customers can choose between dine-in service, curbside pickup, and convenient delivery, ensuring everyone can enjoy their favorite Track One dishes in whichever way suits them best.