How to Find a Safe RV Overnight Parking

RV Overnight ParkingUNITED STATES - RVers who travel in their rigs across the country will often find themselves at road stops where they need to find a safe place overnight. While many RVers prefer to stay in campgrounds, this can be expensive and not always available. However, there are several places where RVs can safely park overnight for free.

How to Find a Safe RV Overnight Parking


Where to Find a Safe Place to Park Your RV Overnight

Churches - Most churches have parking lots that welcome RVs for overnight stays. This is a great way to get a quiet night’s sleep while still supporting the community you’re visiting. Depending on the individual church, they may have an entire lot or only part open for this purpose. Find the perfect space for your next RV excursion. Book now at

Large Truck Stops - Love’s or Pilot often have pull-through spots made for RVs, along with on-site showers and bathrooms. They also have RV-specific parking areas that allow you to park without blocking traffic or taking ample space away from truckers. These spots can be an excellent alternative to RV parks, especially for those traveling for a long time and who don’t want to move. They’re also a good option for hard-working truckers who spend long days on the road and need a quick night’s rest before continuing their journey.

Walmart Stores - Most Walmart stores will allow RVs to park in their parking lots for a night or two. They are not the only places where this is possible, but they have become increasingly difficult to find. While this can be frustrating, it is a good option for those who want to avoid paying for an expensive RV park or wasting money on campgrounds that aren’t a good fit for their needs. Most of these Walmarts are also open 24 hours, so they are convenient when you need to rest before hitting the road again.

Cracker Barrell Restaurants – Many Cracker Barrell restaurants will also allow RVers to park overnight in their parking lots. It depends on the local manager, so it’s best to call ahead and check the policy before heading out for your RV adventures.

City Streets – Many cities have streets that allow you to park your RV for free overnight. Almost all of them have some rules and regulations, but these are generally easy to follow.

Urban Boondocking – Owners of smaller RVs, such as campervans and Class B motorhomes, sometimes try to find places that allow them to boondock in urban areas. These boondocking spots are usually on the edge of town or the middle of the city.

You should also make sure to have some supplies handy to ensure you’re able to survive the night. These include drinking water, food that won’t spoil quickly, and enough propane to power the stove or heater for the night. These items will help you keep yourself and your family safe while camping out in an RV for the night. You can even bring a small emergency first aid kit in your car!