Where to Find The Best BBQ in Texas

Houston BBQHOUSTON - A recent study ranked the top barbecue cities in the U.S. It weighed cities based on how many barbecue restaurants they had and their average Yelp rating. It considered the number of significant barbecue events held in each city over the past two years.

Where to Find The Best BBQ in Texas

 Houston Is Home to the Best Barbecue in Texas

Houston ranks 18th on the list and is one of the best places to find great BBQs. The big city offers a wide variety of meats and specialties.  It also has several legacy smokehouses and newly muscled barbecue royalty.

The Greater Houston region has become the epicenter of the new era of smoked meat supremacy. And with several new pitmasters working their craft magic, barbecue lovers can expect some fantastic dishes. A staple of East Texas BBQ is the pork shoulder. It's a tender; fatty cut slowly smoked over hickory wood. It's then served on a bun with a thick tomato-based sauce.

Beef brisket is another favorite in the East. At Franklin Barbecue, it's king. This family-owned joint has been in business since 1932, earned a reputation for its brisket, and recently opened a spot in Houston. Another Houston hot spot is The Houston Barbecue Company, a BBQ joint with a homey feel & oak-fired pit-smoked meats such as brisket, housemade sausage & ribs.

The Houston BBQ scene has been exploding in recent years. There are pop-ups, food trucks, and high-end establishments. But one thing remains the same: barbecue is still the king of Houston's culinary landscape. Whether you're searching for brisket, chicken, ribs, or a fried chicken sandwich, there's something for everyone. And it's all at affordable prices.