How Many Cattle Are in Texas?

Cows in TexasTEXAS - Texas is home to over 13 million cattle and calves, placing us first among states nationwide in total cattle numbers. Furthermore, Texas offers a vast spectrum of producers and production environments which help ensure its beef industry stays at the forefront of innovation.

How Many Cattle Are in Texas?

How Many Cows Are in Texas?

From world-famous longhorns, coal black Angus, snow white Charolais, and red and white Herefords - Texas boasts many cattle breeds suitable for different production environments. Each one can help meet production goals.

After the American Civil War, cattle ranching became a crucial sector in Texas' economy and the most prominent agriculture sector.

The cattle drive has long been considered a romantic element of Texas history. Under Republic and early statehood laws, cattle raising mainly was conducted on an individual scale to supply urban populations or barter trade markets.

Over time, Texans have developed ways to maximize profits and boost meat production from their herds. While traditional methods, such as feeding cattle according to Nolan Ryan's Beef guidelines or increasing vitamin E content of beef by aging, are among how Texans have found to maximize profit and increase production, other Texans have focused on intensive grazing to produce entirely grass-fed beef products; these grass fed varieties have seen massive demand since being made available statewide and hormone free!