Tips and Trips for Traveling With Cats

TRAVEL - If you're planning a road trip or vacation with your cat, here are a few things you should remember before embarking on the journey.  Doing this will ensure an enjoyable and stress-free trip for both of you!

Tips and Trips for Traveling With Cats
Photo: Unsplash

Introduction of Your Pet to a Carrier

One of the key ways you can make traveling easier for your cat is acclimating them to traveling in their carrier. Please spend some time each week or day before your trip putting your cat in its carrier and allowing them to explore it, rewarding good behavior with treats or praise as reinforcement. Once they seem comfortable with this arrangement, practice short rides inside a vehicle or stationary car until your trip.

Once they are used to being in their carrier for short periods of time, you can work with them on becoming comfortable staying there for longer stretches - hopefully several hours or even an entire day before leaving on your trip.

Be Ready for Pit Stops

Plan ahead for pit stops that may include bathroom breaks or food. Be sure to offer them water at each stop since cats tend not to drink much during long trips!

Bring Your Cat's Favorite Toys, Blankets, and Food Like humans, cats need their comfort on long car journeys too. To ensure an easy trip for both of you, bring along their favorite blanket or bed, food/treats for them specifically, a litterbox, and a litter tray. This will help them feel at home on the road while simultaneously relieving some stress!

Use Your Cat's Favorite Play Toy to Keep Them Engaged on the Road

Traveling can leave your feline tired and cranky; to make their journey more pleasant, use their favorite toys or treats to keep them busy and entertained.

An effective way to keep your cat entertained during a car ride is to introduce familiar toys into their carrier and play soothing music to soothe them and facilitate sleep.

While traveling with your cat, use a carrier with front and top openings so your feline friend can come and go as needed. This can prevent her from jumping out and being hurt or injured by other cars on the road.

Purchase a sturdy and well-ventilated carrier large enough for your cat to stand, sit, and turn around comfortably. Also, consider including some bedding, such as shredded paper or towels, to absorb any accidental spillage during travel.

Preparing Your Cat for Flights

Before booking your flight, check with the airline about their rules and requirements for flying with cats. They should provide a list of requirements as well as paperwork you will need to fill out for them. Alternatively, call your veterinarian to ask which vaccinations your cat requires before their travels.