Who Has The Best Biscuits in Georgia?

Who Has The Best Biscuits in Georgia?GEORGIA—For many, the South is synonymous with warm hospitality and delicious food, and Georgia is no exception. A vital component of this culinary landscape is the humble biscuit, a flaky, buttery bread that has been a breakfast staple for generations. But where can you find the best biscuits in Georgia? This guide takes you across the state, highlighting some of the most highly-rated establishments renowned for their biscuit mastery.

Who Has The Best Biscuits in Georgia?
Who Has The Best Biscuits in Georgia?

Best Biscuits in Georgia: A Delicious Journey Through the Peach State

Atlanta: A Mecca for Biscuit Lovers

Atlanta boasts a vibrant food scene, and biscuits are no afterthought. Here, you'll find several contenders for the "best biscuit."

  • Bomb Biscuit Atlanta (4.6 stars on Google Maps) is a popular spot known for its unique and creative biscuit creations.
  • Buttermilk Kitchen (4.6 stars) is a beloved institution in the city, offering classic Southern fare and its signature melt-in-your-mouth biscuits.
  • The Flying Biscuit Cafe has multiple locations in Atlanta, each drawing crowds for its consistently delicious biscuits and extensive breakfast options.

Beyond the Metro Area: Gems Scattered Throughout Georgia

Venture outside Atlanta, and you'll discover even more hidden gems.

  • Stilesboro Biscuits in Kennesaw (4.7 stars) is a local favorite known for "best biscuits on the planet."
  • Beaver Creek Biscuit Company and Barbecue in Lithia Springs (4.5 stars) combines delicious biscuits with mouthwatering barbecue.
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company has multiple locations across the state, including Duluth (4.5 stars) and Alpharetta (4.5 stars), each offering its take on the classic biscuit.

Southern Hospitality and Deliciousness in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia's charming coastal city, also boasts a strong contender. Maple Street Biscuit Company (4.6 stars) continues to reign here, receiving rave reviews for its biscuits.

A Final Bite: More Than Just a Biscuit

While this list highlights some of the most popular and highly-rated spots, searching for the best biscuit in Georgia is ultimately a personal journey. With countless bakeries, restaurants, and cafes across the state, there's a perfect biscuit waiting to be discovered for every taste bud. So, grab a cup of coffee, explore Georgia's diverse culinary landscape, and embark on your delicious adventure to find your biscuit champion.