What is the State Bird of Georgia?

What is the State Bird of Georgia?GEORGIA - The state bird of Georgia is the brown thrasher, a striking bird with its distinctive brown coloring and long tail.  The bird migrates from the northern hemisphere to the Southeastern United States and Southern Canada in the winter. It lives on the edge of forest habitats and prefers warmer climates.

What is the State Bird of Georgia?
Photo: Brown Thrasher

The State Bird Of Georgia Is The Brown Thrasher

Georgia is located in the southern U.S. It has diverse landscapes, ranging from coastal beaches to farmland. The state's capitol, Atlanta, is home to the Georgia Aquarium and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, dedicated to the African-American leader's life.

The brown thrasher is a shy bird that prefers thick shrubbery and woodlands. Its behavior changes during the breeding season. Unfortunately, the population of this species is on the decline. The gradual loss of natural habitats and pesticide use are responsible for reducing its numbers. Its plight is a severe problem for Georgia, and the bird is listed as the official state bird.

It is also home to leafy public squares and historic architecture. The state's famous golf tournament, the Masters, is held in Augusta, Georgia. In 1928, Georgia's children selected the brown thrasher, scientifically known as Toxostoma rufum, as its state bird. The idea was sponsored by the Atlanta Bird Club and the Fifth District of the State Federation of Women's Clubs. However, the state legislature did not act on the proposal until 1935, when the bird was officially declared the state bird.