How Many Alligators Are in Alabama?

What is Alabama's Alligator Population?ALABAMA - How Many Alligators Are in Alabama? If you're unfamiliar with Alabama, it may be a shock that alligators exist and thrive there. A trip to its southern half will offer the most excellent chance of seeing one; Alabama estimates a population of 70,000 alligators inhabit this part of Alabama alone!

How Many Alligators Are in Alabama?
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What is Alabama's Alligator Population?

Alligators inhabit freshwater lakes, rivers, and marshes across Alabama's coastal landscape and play a prominent role. Alligators can be seen at popular tourist attractions like Alligator Alley and Gator Boardwalk, which allow visitors to observe and feed these massive, semi-aquatic reptiles. But please remember: alligators should not be kept as pets and should always be cautiously approached.

Alabama is home to only one species of alligator: Alligator mississippiensis. As one of the leaders in its recovery efforts, this species now represents a national conservation success story.

Sightings and Habitat

Alligators are found throughout Alabama's southern half and have also settled in areas around its northern edge.

Females lay 30 to 70 eggs at once and incubate them in a nest made of mud and vegetation. The temperature within the nest determines whether the babies born will be male or female.

Alligators can reach 14 feet in length and weigh over 1,000 pounds, making them one of the largest species found across North America. Most commonly seen in the lower Mississippi River and Gulf Coast areas; however, alligators can also be found in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.