10 Best Fishing Spots in South Carolina

10 Best Fishing Spots in South CarolinaSOUTH CAROLINA - South Carolina offers anglers an abundance of incredible fishing spots that cater to various preferences and skills. Whether you're a bass enthusiast, looking to catch the elusive redfish, or hoping to reel in a trophy catfish, the state has something for everyone. Here are the top 10 places to fish in South Carolina, each boasting a unique angling experience.

10 Best Fishing Spots in South Carolina
10 Best Fishing Spots in South Carolina

Santee Cooper Lakes

First on the list are the Santee Cooper Lakes, which consist of Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. These interconnected lakes are famous for their trophy bass and catfish. Anglers can enjoy excellent fishing opportunities here year-round, with the chance to reel in impressive catches.

Charleston Harbor

Next is Charleston Harbor, a bustling and vibrant harbor that provides anglers with a chance to catch a variety of species. Whether targeting redfish, black drum, or speckled trout, the harbor is a haven for these sought-after fish.

Lake Murray

Lake Murray, known for its crystal-clear water and abundant fish population, is a favorite among anglers seeking largemouth bass, striped bass, and crappie. Its tranquil setting adds to the overall appeal, allowing for a peaceful and rewarding fishing experience.

Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge

For those who prefer a coastal refuge, Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge offers both inshore and offshore fishing opportunities. Anglers can target red drum and sheepshead while enjoying the pristine beauty of this coastal area.

Winyah Bay


Winyah Bay, located near Georgetown, is an angling gem that attracts many fishing enthusiasts. Here, you can expect to find a variety of species, including redfish, flounder, and speckled trout.

Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell spans South Carolina and Georgia, offering a hotspot for bass and striper fishing. Anglers flock to this lake for its scenic beauty and fruitful fishing experience.

Edisto Island

Edisto Island, a quaint coastal location, is renowned for its diverse fishing opportunities. If you're looking to catch redfish, trout, and flounder, this is the place to be. The island's idyllic charm enhances the overall fishing experience.

Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet, dubbed the "Seafood Capital of South Carolina," not only offers an array of culinary delights but also excellent inshore and offshore fishing. Flounder, black sea bass, and king mackerel are just some of the species you can expect to find.

Congaree National Park

Last but not least is Congaree National Park, a unique wilderness area that allows anglers to fish in its scenic rivers and creeks. Bass, bream, and catfish are among the target species, making it a wonderful destination for freshwater angling.

These top fishing destinations in South Carolina provide anglers with unforgettable experiences, combining picturesque environments with the thrill of reeling in impressive catches. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, South Carolina's fishing spots are sure to satisfy your fishing cravings.