Who Has The 5 Best Burgers in Georgia

Best Burgers in GeorgiaGEORGIA - Whether you're looking for the best burgers in Georgia or want to try something new, there's no shortage of great restaurants around the state. Whether you're in Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, or Savanna, there's something for you.

Who Has The 5 Best Burgers in Georgia

Where Can You Find The Best Cheeseburgers and Fries in Georgia?

The Red-Eyed Mule in Marietta

The restaurant is located in Marietta, Georgia; The Red Eyed Mule is a family-friendly eatery serving American food for locals and tourists alike. Owned by Sabra and Joseph Wood, it's a good chance you've been to the restaurant before. Apart from drinks and food, the Red Eyed Mule has a host of other advantages, including a sleek takeaway menu, a bike-friendly parking plan, and even outside seating when the weather is nice. For food, the best dishes include Belgian waffles, well-cooked hamburgers, and an egg and chicken sausage sandwich that's good for a good time. The prices are all reasonable, an advantage for the average budget. The Red Eyed Mule is also one of the restaurants featured on Food Network's top restaurants list.

Farmhaus Burger in Martinez

The Augusta district of Augusta's Farmhaus Burger offers a relaxed environment that includes outdoor seating, free WiFi, and a vast food menu. This restaurant serves hamburgers, grilled chicken sweet potato chips, and Ice cream. It's also an excellent location for dogs, families and kids. Farmhaus Burger has two locations in Augusta. Both offer a range of vegetarian and beef choices and a unique mix of meats. The menu includes ground chuck, brisket as well as short rib. You can select on the menu, make your own burger, and then enjoy taking it home. There are also craft beers and wine. You can pay credit cash or debit cards. Also, they accept Master Card and Visa.

The Vortex in Atlanta

If you're seeking a place to eat or drink, The Vortex Burger in Atlanta, GA, is the perfect spot. It offers a diverse selection of burgers as well as other home-cooked meals. The restaurant also serves a variety of beers. The grill and bar are famous for their motorcycle memorabilia and dive bar ambiance. The Vortex has served Atlanta's finest hamburgers since 1992. The Vortex serves more than 20 Burgers. The Vortex Burger is a hand-formed patty cooked over a live flame. It's available for purchase at $80. It includes a side of sweet potato casserole. It's served with leftovers for the next day.

Savanna's Sliders and Fries in Savanna

The location is Savanna, GA; Sly's is an excellent place to sample a mini Nathan gourmet hot dog and sip a glass of suds with style. It's a quaint small hole in an area renowned for its fine dining establishments and retail options. If you're a fan of bikes, you may want to use the bike storage facilities available. A small but friendly staff will be waiting to greet you when you enter. Food and service are top-quality, and you'll be back within minutes. The bar area is home to an arcade game for free, wine, beer, and happy hours. This is also an excellent spot to observe the sun setting if you want to see the sunset. Additionally, it's an ideal little town where you can be entertained watching the residents go about their daily business.

Groove Burgers in Athens

Located within the Epps Bridge Centre complex, southwest of downtown Athens, Groove Burgers is a brand-new restaurant serving a variety of gourmet hamburgers and delicious food items. The restaurant also serves wine, craft beer, and margaritas. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, and the staff is helpful and friendly. The special burger of the company, the Groove Burger, is a version of the classic cheeseburger, topped with bacon that is thick cut cheddar cheese that is extra sharp, and a signature sauce. It's served on a GF bun with street corn as a side.