Visiting Little Five Points in Atlanta Georgia

ATALANTA, GA - Little Five Points, a Commercial neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, has a history as a bohemian district. It is also known for its alternative culture. Over the years, the neighborhood has changed a lot. This includes changes in the way that people live.

Visiting Little Five Points in Atlanta Georgia


Little Five Points, a Commercial Neighborhood in Atlanta Georgia

As a result, Little Five Points has become an arts and culture hub for Atlanta. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the diversity of the neighborhood. One of the main reasons for the area's success is the fact that it is walkable. Aside from the many restaurants and bars, the neighborhood is also home to numerous street musicians and artists. An ample communal space in the heart of the neighborhood provides an excellent place for residents to socialize.

Little Five Points was initially constructed along a trolley line. In the early twentieth century, the city of Atlanta built street cars, which brought activity and commerce to the neighborhood. However, by the 1970s, the area was in disrepair. Residents decided to fight against the construction of a highway. They hoped that developing a new commercial district would provide the community with a thriving neighborhood.

After Don Bender joined the businessmen's association and moved to Candler in 1972, he focused on revitalizing the commercial district. He acquired eight storefront properties in the area and got thirty investors to buy them. These retail properties were later turned into the 484 retail districts.

Little Five Points is a neighborhood that has been a part of Atlanta for over forty years. The neighborhood has changed several times, but the community spirit has not diminished. Several of the businesses in the area are run by locals and serve the community's needs.

For example, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub offers a full menu of gastropub fare. Another popular spot is Savage Pizza, which is an Atlanta pizza restaurant that serves pizzas made from scratch. Other popular places include the Little 5 Corner Tavern, a bar that offers beers and comfort food. If you are a fan of soccer, visit the Brewhouse Cafe, which is the premier destination in the city for soccer fans.

Another notable venue is Charis Books and More, which specializes in diverse children's books and feminist literature. The bookstore was founded by Linda Bryant when she was twenty-five years old. Many Atlanta lesbian feminists began to shop there and became volunteers.

During the mid-1960s, the neighborhood was known for discount clothing and discount picture shows. Today, it is known for a variety of merchandise and for its eclectic bars and restaurants. Several buildings in the neighborhood have hand-painted signs and colorful murals. Besides the shopping options, residents can also take in a show at the Horizon Theatre Company. Throughout the years, the theater company has been awarded several prizes for its quality performances.

Little Five Points is a great spot to visit for a day trip. Whether you are looking for funky sunglasses or a great meal, there is a wide variety of places to choose from.