What is The State Capital of Maine?

Augusta, Maine, Is The State's CapitalMAINE - During the early days of statehood, the debate over where the state capitol of Maine would be established took place. The town of Portland had been the capital city of Massachusetts for some time, and many people wanted it to be the new state capital. The people of the town of Wiscasset were also interested in having their capital.

What is The State Capitol of Maine?
Augusta, Maine, Is The State's Capital

Augusta, Maine, Is The State's Capital

Augusta eventually became the site of the state's capital and was chosen because of its central location.  The town was already on the navigable Kennebec River, and the Canibas Indians had built a trading post near the fort. They donated land for the new state house, which was deeded to the state for $10.

Charles Bulfinch, a well-known architect from Boston, designed the new building. His design included a two-story pedimented portico. The building's exterior was constructed with local granite. It featured a lantern cupola and flanking two-bay wings. The building was completed in 1832.

The capitol building's interior was remodeled several times during the next few years, and the front portico was maintained. The House of Representatives occupied the third and fourth floors of the north wing, while the Senate Chambers were occupied in the south wing. The Senate gallery was also strengthened after structural concerns were discovered.

The Capitol Complex Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. In 1965, the University of Maine at Augusta opened its campus in the town.