What is The State Bird of New Hampshire?

What is The State Bird of New Hampshire?NEW HAMPSHIRE - The state bird of New Hampshire is the Purple Finch.  However, the state has a diverse landscape. The area is rich in mountains, lakes, and woodlands. In addition, New Hampshire has a thriving population of birds.

What is The State Bird of New Hampshire?
Photo: The Purple Finch

The State Bird of New Hampshire is The Purple Finch

A famous symbol of the state is the purple finch. It has been living in New England for hundreds of years.  The New Hampshire purple finch is unique in that it has a colorful red and brown head. The male has a much more colorful head than the female.

The finch is also a migratory bird. Like other finches, it migrates south during the harsh winters. It is native to the Northeastern United States and southern Canada. The spread of other finches and urban development threatens its range.

The purple finch also has the honor of being the New Hampshire state bird. The state legislature approved its designation on April 25, 1957. It was not the first state to select a purple finch as its state bird, but it is the official one.

A New Hampshire blue jay is another common resident. The crow is another year-round occupant of the Granite State. The state bird also lays three to four eggs per clutch.

The New Hampshire Hen was a candidate for the title of the state bird, but it was relegated to the back burner. The state assembly was looking for a bird that was the official state bird.