Who Has The Best Biscuits in Maryland?

Maryland's Best Biscuits: A Delicious Culinary JourneyMARYLAND - A state rich in history and natural beauty, also boasts a vibrant and diverse culinary scene. Of course, no exploration of Maryland cuisine is complete without a generous helping of that Southern staple – the biscuit. From fluffy, towering buttermilk beauties to savory variations filled with cheese or sausage, Maryland's biscuit game is strong.

Who Has The Best Biscuits in Maryland?
Who Has The Best Biscuits in Maryland?

Maryland's Best Biscuits: A Delicious Culinary Journey

Let's embark on a flavor-filled adventure to discover the top biscuit destinations in the Old Line State.

1. Rise Biscuits Donuts Columbia, MD

Rise Biscuits Donuts lives up to its name with biscuits that rise to the occasion. These heavenly creations are made fresh daily with quality ingredients. The result is a biscuit that boasts a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a rich, satisfying flavor. Whether you like them plain with butter and jam or as the foundation for a hearty breakfast sandwich, Rise Biscuits Donuts won't disappoint.
8850 Columbia 100 Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21045, Howard County

2. Rise Biscuits Southern Chicken Gaithersburg, MD

Another entry from the Rise family, Rise Biscuits Southern Chicken keeps the standards high when it comes to the humble biscuit. These biscuits are beloved for their flaky layers and impeccable flavor. Enjoy them alongside the restaurant's outstanding fried chicken, or take your experience up a notch with one of their creative biscuit sandwiches. 506 Quince Orchard Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, Montgomery County

3. Milk & Honey Multiple Locations (College Park & Bowie, MD)

Milk & Honey has earned its reputation as a Maryland brunch institution, and its biscuits are a major reason why. These biscuits are known for their impressive height, delicate crumb, and hint of sweetness. They're the perfect canvas for Milk & Honey's delectable toppings like honey butter, seasonal jams, and decadent sausage gravy. 8400 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740, Prince George's County 14411 Annapolis Rd #133, Bowie, MD 20720, Prince George's County

4. Julep Kitchen & Bar Annapolis, MD

Julep Kitchen & Bar crafts modern Southern cuisine with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. Their biscuits, a highlight on the menu, perfectly embody this philosophy. The biscuits are light, airy, and full of buttery goodness. Enjoy them alongside Southern classics like shrimp & grits or take a bite of one of their satisfying biscuit sandwiches. 122 Main St, Annapolis, MD 21401, Anne Arundel County

5. The Breakfast Shoppe Severna Park, MD

The Breakfast Shoppe is an institution in Severna Park, serving up classic breakfast fare with a side of warm hospitality. Their biscuits are a must-try. These perfectly baked biscuits are large, fluffy, and incredibly satisfying. Order them with sausage gravy for a true Southern breakfast experience. 510 Ritchie Hwy, Severna Park, MD 21146, Anne Arundel County

6. Golden West Cafe Baltimore, MD

Golden West Cafe is a Baltimore icon known for its Southwestern spin on classic comfort food. While their breakfast burritos and pancakes are legendary, their biscuits deserve just as much recognition. These scratch-made biscuits are tender, flaky, and bursting with Southwestern-inspired flavors. 1105 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211, Baltimore City

7. Blue Moon Too Baltimore, MD

Blue Moon Too is a beloved brunch spot in Baltimore that consistently draws crowds with its eclectic menu and cozy atmosphere. Their biscuits, a cornerstone of their brunch offerings, are not to be missed. These biscuits are tall, fluffy, and have a lovely crisp exterior. 1024 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230, Baltimore City

Maryland's biscuit scene is a testament to the versatility and endless deliciousness of this simple baked good. Whether you prefer your biscuits classic and buttery or loaded with unique flavors, Maryland has something to satisfy your cravings. Our journey has merely scratched the surface of the biscuit treasures hidden across the state. So next time you're in Maryland, start your day with a delightful biscuit adventure – your tastebuds will thank you!