6 Must-Try Best BBQ Spots in Maryland

Food Travel LogoMARYLAND - Maryland is the state for you if you're looking for a great barbecue joint. Maryland's barbecue is known for its smoky meats, including pulled pork and chicken wings. The barbecue is also known for its beer, including some excellent brews. Here are a few top barbecue spots to try in the state.

6 Must-Try Best BBQ Spots in Maryland
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 Where are The Best BBQ Spots in Maryland?

Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Churchton MD

If you're in the area and looking for a good, cheap meal, the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Churchton, Maryland, is a great place to go. Not only is the food delicious, but the service is also top-notch. The restaurant serves a wide variety of American food, including great burgers, ribs, and french fries. The Wagon Wheel Restaurant offers casual dining.

Mackie’s Southern Barbecue in Gaithersburg MD

If you live in the Gaithersburg, MD area and are craving Southern barbecue, you should check out Mackie Southern Barbecue. This local chain offers online ordering through Uber Eats and various delivery options.  Mackie's Southern Barbecue serves the best mouth-watering BBQ around! and is a must-try when visiting the Gaithersburg area.

Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore MD

If you're in the mood for some classic Baltimore-style barbecue, check out Chaps Pit Beef. This popular pit-beef outlet serves its namesake sandwich, along with homestyle sides. The restaurant is tucked away in a strip-club parking lot despite the name. Chaps Pit Beef offers carnivorous sandwiches filled with one to four types of meat located in the strip mall area of Pulaski highway. You can order savory meats rare, medium rare, or well-done depending on your taste. Chaps Pit Beef is the perfect place to get a tasty barbecue meal and enjoy great service.

Hot Off the Coals in Easto MD

If you're looking for a barbecue joint in the Eastern Shore area, you've probably heard of Hot Off the Coals. The restaurant is owned by Ric Brice, who developed an affinity for cooking at an early age. After studying cooking techniques and tasting various dishes, he developed his style and perfected it through trial and error. His restaurant, Hot Off the Coals, serves a variety of barbecue favorites, including "Slaughter House" Brisket, Pit Beef, and Pulled Pork.

2Fifty Texas BBQ in Riverdale Park MD

If you are looking for some great BBQ in Riverdale Park, MD, 2Fifty Texas BBQ is the place to go. This restaurant offers wood-smoked meats, sandwiches, and sides, and you can also order beer or wine. The place is very casual and has a friendly atmosphere. To top it off, it serves excellent food for reasonable prices. It is also conveniently located near the Riverdale Park Metro station. The restaurant is vast and beautifully decorated, with many pieces of local artwork. It is also equipped with spacious picnic tables and ample parking..

Woodrow's Bar-B-Que in Baltimore MD

Woodrow's Bar-B-Qué is a barbecue restaurant in Mount Washington, Baltimore, MD. This establishment serves Texas-style barbecue that consists mainly of beef. The food is prepared in a wood-fired pit for more than 12 hours. Its menu also includes house specialties such as chicken and shrimp. Woodrow's also offers takeaway options. Woodrow's Bar-B-Qué is open daily. Reservations are accepted. You can also order food for takeaway or delivery. If you're planning to visit the restaurant, make sure to call ahead to make a reservation.