The Coffee Pot in Bedford Pennsylvania

The Coffee Pot in Bedford PennsylvaniaBEDFORD, PA - The Coffee Pot is a restored roadside attraction near Bedford, Pennsylvania. The 18-foot-tall building was built in 1927 and is now a tourist attraction and gift shop. It has historical artifacts inside.

The Coffee Pot in Bedford Pennsylvania

What is The Coffee Pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania?

The original owner was Albert Koontz. He was an automobile service station and truck rental business owner, and his Coffee Pot was built next to the station.  He operated the coffee shop as a restaurant until 1937.

In the late 1980s, the Coffee Pot was in poor condition.  Samuel Lashley and his sons bought the building for land. They converted the restaurant into a bar, and a motel was added to the rear of the coffee shop. When the Lashleys sold it, the building was in terrible condition.

The Coffee Pot fell into disrepair in the early 1990s and was left vacant for two decades. In 2003, the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor purchased the coffee pot from the Lashleys and restored the structure. The Coffee Pot is now open to the public and is a welcome stop for visitors along the old Lincoln Highway.

The Coffee Pot was painted with original silver and red paint and had the words "The Coffee Pot" painted on the side of the building. This unique building is a tourist attraction open during fairground events and the Fall Foliage Festival in October.

The Coffee Pot has been restored beautifully. It now serves as a gift shop and museum and is a popular tourist attraction.