8 Best Cat Cafes in Pennsylvania

Best Cat Cafes in PennsylvaniaPENNSYLVANIA - A cat cafe is a coffee shop where customers can interact with cats while enjoying their beverages. These cafes have a relaxed and cozy environment with areas where cats roam freely. Customers can pet, play, and adopt cats, providing a unique therapeutic experience.

Best Cat Cafes in Pennsylvania
Where Are The Best Cat Cafes in Pennsylvania

Where Are The Best Cat Cafes in Pennsylvania

Cat cafes have become famous by combining coffee and love for animals. They offer a space to unwind, destress, and enjoy the calming presence of cats. They also collaborate with shelters or rescue organizations, finding forever homes for the cats. Whether you love cats or are intrigued by the concept, visiting a cat cafe can be heartwarming.

1. Le Cat Cafe in Philadelphia

Le Cat Cafe in Philadelphia offers a spacious cat lounge where visitors can relax and unwind in the company of adorable cats rescued by Green Street Rescue. This unique cat cafe experience allows guests to interact with these furry companions while enjoying coffee or tea. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, it is recommended to book ahead of time and familiarize oneself with the cafe's "Dos and Don'ts." This helps maintain a peaceful environment for the cats and visitors alike. 2713 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

2. The Black Cat Market in Pittsburgh

Situated in Pittsburgh, The Black Cat Market blends the concept of a cafe with an adoption center. Cat enthusiasts can enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee while potentially finding a new feline companion. This innovative space also hosts various events, such as cat yoga classes and meet-and-greet sessions, making it a distinctive venue for cat lovers. 5135 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

3. Purrista Cat Cafe In Erie

In Erie, Purrista Cat Cafe aims to raise awareness about animal adoption and create a relaxing environment where both cats and customers can find solace. Donations made at Purrista Cat Cafe directly support the care and well-being of their adoptable cats. By enjoying a cozy cup of coffee or tea in this unique cafe setting, visitors contribute to making a difference in the lives of these feline residents. 30 W 8th St, Erie, PA 16501

4. Cattfeinated Cat Cafe in Greensburg

Cattfeinated Cat Cafe in Greensburg offers a unique and enjoyable pet adoption experience. Cat lovers can indulge in delicious drinks and food surrounded by adorable free-roaming cats. In partnership with Wayward Whiskers, this cafe has successfully placed over 280 cats into loving homes, significantly impacting the local community. 159 E Otterman St, Greensburg, PA 15601

5. MeWow Cat Café in Doylestown

MeWow Cat Cafe, located in the charming town of Doylestown, is an adoption center dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable space for needy cats. Unlike traditional shelters, the cats at MeWow Cat Cafe live cage-free, allowing them to roam, play, and socialize with one another and potential adopters. Even amidst the challenges brought about by the pandemic, MeWow Cat Cafe remains committed to giving cats a second chance at finding their forever homes. 3617 Old Easton Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902

6. Treetops Kitty Cafe in Kennett Square

Treetops Kitty Cafe, nestled in Kennett Square, has a mission to rescue cats from overcrowded shelters and provide them with a peaceful and nurturing environment. Visitors to Treetops Kitty Cafe can relax, spend quality time with cats, enjoy delectable food and drink options, and potentially make new furry friends. With an impressive track record of finding forever homes for 699 cats, Treetops Kitty Cafe showcases the positive impact that cat cafes have on the lives of these adorable companions. 305 W State St, Kennett Square, PA 19348

7. Scratching Post Cat Cafe in Lewisburg

The Scratching Post Cat Cafe in Lewisburg is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating cats in need. Although they don't sell food on-site, visitors are welcome to bring refreshments and enjoy the company of the resident cats. The Scratching Post Cat Cafe heavily relies on the dedication of volunteers and strives to find loving permanent homes for the cats under their care. 230 Market St #1, Lewisburg, PA 17837

8. Purrfect Mugs Cat Cafe in Plains

Purrfect Mugs Cat Cafe in Plains offers a delightful "Cat Cuddles & Coffee" experience, where guests can enjoy a cozy atmosphere while sipping delicious beverages. Purrfect Mugs Cat Cafe also plays an essential role in helping local homeless cats find their forever homes. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the cafe area without reservations, but booking a spot in the kitty lounge is recommended to guarantee a full cat cuddling experience. 1325 N River St Suite 102A, Plains, PA 18702