5 Must-Try Chinese Restaurants in Delaware

5 Must-Try Chinese Restaurants in DelawareDELAWARE - With a growing number of restaurants serving straight-out-of-China menus, Delaware diners are getting more opportunities to taste true-to-form delights. It might be a dish like the delightful frog stir-fry or a daring moment with unfamiliar ingredients like Sichuan peppercorns. Whatever the case, these no-nonsense Chinese establishments have you covered.

 Where to Eat Chinese Fare in Delaware
5 Must-Try Chinese Restaurants in Delaware

 Where to Eat Chinese Fare in Delaware

1. Crownery Chinese Restaurant in Hockessin DE

In Hockessin, DE, Crownery Chinese Restaurant serves traditional and contemporary Asian cuisine.  The menu includes Peking duck, egg rolls, and General Tao chicken. Authentic Chinese food relies on abundant leafy vegetables, fresh seafood, and poultry. The Crownery in Hockessin specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine with hearty, fresh vegetables and protein. It's a far cry from the American-style Chinese dishes you'll find in a mall food court.

2. Hong Hing Chinese Restaurant in Wilmington DE

One of the best places to eat Chinese fare in The State of Delaware is the Hong Hing Chinese Restaurant at 707 South Union Street in Wilmington.  This popular dining destination serves up some of the best orange chicken and egg rolls in town. The restaurant also boasts a decent selection of Chinese teas and several opulently named cocktails. The menu at this Wilmington Chinese restaurant features many of the traditional Chinese dishes you’d expect, but their more unusual creations make this place stand out from the pack. For the foodies among us, you’ll find a bevy of hot pot and rice dishes that will pique your interest. The restaurant also offers several non-Chinese specialties like Thai green curry and sushi, to name just a few.

3. Hyan Hot Pot in Newark DE

A plethora of restaurants claim to be the first to serve hors d'oeuvres or hot pot on demand, but this one takes it up a notch with its large selection of pre-approved ingredients and the fact that it has a dedicated kitchen staff devoted to the task. The menu has a little something for everyone, including several "signature" items. It's not surprising that diners and foodies consider Hyan Hot Pot the best in Delaware. The prices are high for this area of the state, but it's a bargain for a well-done meal.

4. Yi Palace in Wilmington DE

Yi Palace serves authentic Szechuan cuisine in Wilmington and has been a staple of the area for over ten years.  The restaurant offers traditional pork, poultry, beef, and seafood dishes and vegetarian-friendly entrees. The restaurant also features a hot drink bar that serves bubble tea and Japanese herbal teas. Its alcohol bar serves local martini, spirits, and beer. This place is great for family dining and has a selection of gluten-free and low-fat dishes. Its prices are reasonable, and it accepts credit cards.

5. Mom's Kitchen Chinese Restaurant in Bear DE

Mom's Kitchen Chinese Restaurant is a top-rated restaurant serving various authentic Chinese food.  They specialize in dishes like pan-fried dumplings, ribs, and belly pork. Guests also appreciate their affordable prices and excellent service. This restaurant also offers food delivery services. The menu at Mom's Kitchen consists of appetizers, soups, and main courses. In addition, the restaurant offers desserts and drinks. Some of the best-rated dishes at this restaurant include Hot n' Sour soup and Chicken Niblets.