Why Pennsylvania is the Perfect State to go RV'ing

PENNSYLVANIA - Pennsylvania is an RVer's paradise, boasting stunning national parks, natural wonders like its Pennsic National Forest, and plenty of fun attractions to keep RVers occupied for days on end.

Why Pennsylvania is the Perfect State to go RV'ing

Why Pennsylvania is the Perfect State to RV in the Fall

Are You an Avid Leaf Peeper Wanting to Experience Gorgeous Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania This Autumn? Pennsylvania makes for the ideal RV travel destination in this season of change! Here's why this state makes for such an excellent fall RV destination:

1. The Appalachian Mountains

Pennsylvania offers plenty of outdoor adventure for you and your family to explore, with pristine state parks and private campgrounds offering amenities, recreational activities, stunning scenery, and gorgeous vistas.

Hickory Run State Park in southeastern PA boasts an incredible waterfall, trails, and natural beauty that anyone interested in camping must see - as well as providing RV camping spots!

Gifford Pinchot State Park is another must-visit for campers in the region, offering miles of hiking trails and breathtaking fall foliage views. There are also scenic overlooks and a unique rock formation known as Honeycomb Rocks Trail, which features lattice-patterned rocks resembling honeycombs. Furthermore, Gifford Pinchot State Park also provides cabins, playgrounds, swimming, a recreation hall, and much more!

2. The Susquehanna River

Pennsylvania campgrounds provide both, whether you prefer rough camping in the woods or creature comforts. RV'ers can select from state parks, county campgrounds, and more to find their ideal campsite.

River trail travelers will appreciate Shikellamy State Park, where the West and North Branches of the Susquehanna River meet, for its breathtaking scenic overlook and water-based recreation activities like fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or canoe gliding along its waters or nearby lakes.

Susquehanna provides a tranquil backdrop for autumn foliage viewing, offering hikers scenic 7.2-mile Falls Trail waterfall views in Ricketts Glen State Park, including Ganoga Falls at 94 feet high, or visit Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art with amazing panoramic views of Wisconisco Creek as well as American Beech and White Oak trees that draw birders during seasonal migrations.

3. The Pine Creek Gorge

Pine Creek Gorge, commonly called Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon, stretches 47 miles from Leonard Harrison State Park to Colton Point State Park as part of Tioga State Forest and boasts breathtaking natural beauty - exceptionally stunning in fall time!

Melting glaciers carved the Gorge, featuring steep canyon walls and waterfalls. Now home to an expansive wilderness area, the Gorge provides outdoor enthusiasts access to hiking, hunting, and fishing opportunities and spectacular scenic vistas.

The Gorge also offers Class II whitewater rafting excursions. Bring your canoe or kayak for rapids paddling, or rent one from Pine Creek Outfitters; they rent out rafts, two-person kayaks, and tubes - plus they provide guided trips and shuttle services. Make a reservation online today to enjoy a memorable water adventure!

4. The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes provide the ideal RV camping destination if you dream of sun-kissed beaches and reading by firefly light. Although popular among Midwestern vacationers in summer, camping spaces tend to be less congested during the Fall months.

Park alongside one of the state's Lake Erie campgrounds, providing various camping experiences from full service to primitive. Cabins, cottages, caboose cabins, and more await you here, while other activities such as river rafting, hiking trails, mining sluices, and ball pits add extra fun.