Top 8 Spots for Crab Cakes in Virginia

Crab Cakes VirginaVIRGINA - Virginia offers a wide variety of crab cakes. Crab cakes are often made in a batter that includes a mix of salt and parsley. Crab cakes are often made with backfin and lumps, and are served with a lightly dressed coleslaw. A good crab cake should be a satisfying, easy meal that is affordable, and convenient meal.

Top 8 Spots for Crab Cakes in Virginia

Who Has the Best Crab Cakes in Virginia?

1. Margie & Ray's Crabhouse in Virginia Beach

Steamed blue crabs are the star attraction here at Margie & Ray's Crab House, which is one of the many seafood restaurants in Virginia Beach. This down-home spot also offers a rustic bar and a friendly atmosphere. The food is fresh and authentic, and the service is top-notch Margie & Ray's Crab House was originally a general store and tackle shop. It converted into a seafood restaurant in 1997. It has a good parking area, though it is not paved. There's also indoor seating. However, if you're concerned about the smell of crabs, you can skip the seafood and head to a more upscale spot.

2. Sugar's Crab Shack in Richmond

Sugar's Crab Shack is a seafood restaurant in Richmond, Virginia that has been in business for seven years. They offer delicious seafood and other comfort foods. Guests can enjoy lemon pie, cobbler, and bread pudding to complement their meals. Sugar's Crab Shack is also known for its friendly staff and reasonable prices.

3. Blue Seafood & Spirits in Virginia Beach

If you love seafood, Down-to-Earth Restaurant is the place for you. You'll find locally-sourced seafood, as well as signature cocktails and local beers. The decor is coastal, and the service is warm and friendly. There are also plenty of outdoor tables to enjoy the weather while eating. This award-winning restaurant serves crab cakes, tempura-fried shrimp, and other seafood. The restaurant also offers a selection of drinks and desserts. If you're on a budget, you can always order a light meal. You can also order a side dish of fresh vegetables. The food is also very healthy, and Blue Seafood & Spirits is even known to cater to special diets.

4. Berret's Seafood Restaurant in Williamsburg

A visit to Berret's Seafood Restaurant in historic Williamsburg is not complete without sampling their crab cakes. This seafood restaurant offers regional offerings, as well as microbrews and an outdoor grill. You can enjoy your meal in the restaurant's quaint nautical atmosphere. With a focus on regional seafood, the menu includes traditional dishes and seasonal specialties. It also offers full beverage service and an outdoor terrace with live music. You can also stop by the Blackbird Bakery for desserts. While you're in Williamsburg, be sure to make a reservation at Berret's to avoid having to wait in line.

5. Waterman's Surfside Grille in Virginia Beach

Crab cakes are a Virginia Beach staple, and Waterman's Surfside Grille is one of the best places to find them. This historic cottage serves Chesapeake seafood and grill fare with a view of the water. The decor features black and white photos and a view of the beach.In addition to crab cakes, this Virginia Beach restaurant serves a variety of other coastal seafood and steaks. It is also famous for its Orange Crush cocktail, which is made in five seconds. While there, try the crab cakes with a side of fries, and don't forget to enjoy a tasty cocktail.

6. Bookbinder's Seafood & Steakhouse in Richmond

If you're looking for the best crab cakes in Virginia, look no further than Richmond, Virginia. The Old Tobacco Warehouse is a beautiful brick-walled restaurant that specializes in elevated Chesapeake cuisine. Their crab cakes are some of the best in the state. Bookbinder's Seafood &Steakhouse is a great spot for a romantic date. They offer a full menu, a selection of wine, and a beautiful atmosphere. In addition to serving up the best crab cakes in Virginia, Bookbinder's also offers a wide selection of cocktails.

7. Fin Seafood in Newport News

If you're looking for a great seafood restaurant in Newport News, Virginia, look no further than Fin Seafood. This restaurant offers a large variety of seafood and a family-friendly menu. The restaurant also offers an outdoor patio and wireless Internet service. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. The menu at Fin Seafood changes with the seasons and features local organic ingredients. The restaurant also offers a great wine selection. The intimate atmosphere, excellent service, and excellent menu choices make this a top seafood restaurant. While you're at Fin, be sure to order a cocktail or two from the restaurant's bar.

8. The Deadrise in Hampton

Deadrise is a casual seafood restaurant that overlooks the harbor. The crab cakes are among the most popular dishes on the menu. The place offers a beautiful view of the water and is open for lunch, dinner, and brunch. Its menu features locally sourced, fresh seafood. You can also enjoy steamed shrimp and fish tacos. There are also vegetarian options available. While Hampton is famous for its seafood, there is plenty of other food to enjoy. With a rich coastal heritage and connection to the sea, the food scene here isn't a one-trick pony. There are many restaurants that offer hearty comfort food at affordable rates. The city's waterfront is picturesque, and it is home to several top-notch eateries.