Longoven Fine-Dining in Richmond VA

Richmond, VA - Located in the Scott's Addition neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, Longoven is a fine-dining restaurant open for lunch and dinner.  This restaurant has received many accolades from major publications.

Longoven Fine-Dining in Richmond VA

The restaurant is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday.  It offers a variety of drinks, including wine, beer, and cocktails. They also offer a snack menu.

There are two dining rooms. The front room is inviting and open. The back room is a darker wooded room. In the front, there are several tables for couples. There is also a patio area. It is a good choice for a surprise date on a weekday.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of desserts, including chocolate custard. They also use oat milk and coconut milk. They also incorporate vegetables in unusual ways.

The menu includes a six or ten-course tasting menu. It also has snacks and seasonal tasting menus. Several cocktails are available, including one that combines fermented drinks. They also have a whiskey list.

The restaurant's dessert program also showcases beautifully presented dishes. They use agave, coconut sugar, and oat milk. There are dairy alternatives, such as aquafaba, as well.

There are many cocktails at the restaurant that are naturally fermented. They also offer a wine list that features Virginia wines. They also have a beer and whiskey list.