Spanish-Basque | Restaurant Adarra in Richmond VA

VIRGINIA - Located in Richmond's Jackson Ward Restaurant, Adarra is a Spanish-Basque eatery that combines French and Spanish techniques.  Its menu includes vibrantly seasoned seafood and small plates. The restaurant was recently voted one of Richmond's top restaurants.

Restaurant Adarra in Richmond VA
Photo: Restaurant Adarra

Adarra's Is A Spanish-basque Eatery That Combines French And Spanish Techniques

Adarra's sardines are served in a tangy, citrusy sauce with toasted bread. The dish also features a fennel-stranded anchovy salad that is lemony and bright. This dish is served with the restaurant's razor clam special. It also includes a sponge for the sauce, which helps tame the richness of the sardines.

The restaurant's cocktail menu features five drinks. They include Sleepless Nights, which feature Aquavit and bergamot liqueur. The restaurant also has a whiskey list. Guests can request a cocktail creation, which might include a chamomile-infused cachaca.

The restaurant is also known for its service. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Servers also give guests advice and recommendations.

The wine program at Adarra is a labor of love. Nearly 300 bottles of wine are available. The wine list features natural wines from around the world. Some of the wines are made specifically for the restaurant. The menu also includes four wines by the glass.

The restaurant's small plates are a fun way to try Basque cuisine. The smoked mussel plate is an unexpected dish to start with. It's inspired by the fact that many smoked oysters are sold in tins. It uses anchovy-amped salsa verde. The octopus was overcooked and tough.

The restaurant's small plates are served with a focus on conviviality. The servers are helpful and knowledgeable and take the time to talk to guests. The menu also includes a "Cured & Pickled" section, which combines French and Spanish techniques.