5 Must-Try BBQ Spots in Florida

5 Must-Try BBQ Spots in FloridaFLORDIA - Florida may not immediately come to mind when thinking of great barbeque. Still, the Sunshine State is home to an exciting revival, thanks to newcomers putting unique spins on traditional Southern dishes.

5 Must-Try BBQ Spots in Florida

1. Barbeque Ribs, Chicken & Jerk Shack in Miami

The ribs at this spot are so unique we guarantee you'll never taste anything else like them. While many street-corner barbecue stands char racks over steel grates, Shiver’s barbecue smokes its meat low and slow for about four hours. The result is a thin, salty bark with a pink smoke ring penetrating the meat. The resulting tender and flavorful beef practically melts in your mouth.

2. Big Lee's in Ocala

An intimate outdoor venue offering delicious smoked meats and sandwiches accompanied by heaping side orders. Big Lee?s Florida barbecue hotspot has long been beloved among Florida barbecue enthusiasts for its cuisine and atmosphere, featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri. Now more than ever, it remains an essential destination for BBQ fans near and far alike.

3. Tom Jenkins BBQ in Fort Lauderdale

Tom Jenkins BBQ began as a humble home-baked sauce that quickly became a local hit in 1996 and has become an institution ever since. This top-tier barbecue restaurant offers delicious Southern comfort food such as tender ribs, smokey turkey breast, and Mississippi catfish. Plus, collard greens and corn muffins for a delectable treat! Their popular patrons also appreciate the brisket, chopped beef, and chicken dishes. Making Tom Jenkins BBQ an indispensable stop on any foodie's itinerary.|

4. Jenkins Quality Barbecue in Jacksonville

Jenkins Quality Barbecue in Jacksonville, Florida, has become one of the state's most beloved eateries due to its delicious open-fire pit-cooked ribs and chicken slathered with thick mustard barbecue sauce. Not new on the scene for over 50 years now, Jenkins Quality Barbecue has become an essential stop that attracts diners from near and far who come back year after year to sample its delectable yet affordable smoked meats.

5. Four Rivers Smokehouse in Winter Park

4 Rivers Smokehouse has become so well-known in Florida that their name immediately appears whenever someone asks who serves the best BBQ in their state. The extensive menu here offers something for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Alongside their large selection of salads and Southern-inspired sides, signature stackers, sandwiches, and signature brisket are slowly smoked before being placed on a bun along with two additional items.