Top 5 SteakHouses in Tampa Bay, FL

Top 5 SteakHouses in Tampa Bay, FLFLORIDA - You can't go wrong with a good steak, whether aged to perfection or grilled to perfection and marinated in its juices. A great steak is the stuff of legend and will pair perfectly with a date or a large glass of wine. If you live in Tampa, there are several excellent steakhouses in the area.

Top 5 SteakHouses in Tampa Bay, FL

1. Donovan’s Meatery

Donovan's Meaty is part of the Datz Restaurant Group and features a modern, contemporary menu.  Besides classic steakhouse fare, you'll find a variety of dishes to try, including vegetarian and vegan options. Almost everything is cooked over white oak timber. The restaurant's name pays tribute to the original owner, Roger Perry, who came to Tampa from rural Ohio to become a professional chef and open a restaurant.

Donovan's has a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other steakhouses. The interior, reminiscent of a Texas farm, features a mixed-material, second-hand furniture design. The menu also highlights meat cuts from various regions worldwide, including American Wagyu and Certified Angus beef.

2. Council Oak Steaks & Seafood

Council Oak Steaks & Seafood offers the best in modern and classic steakhouses and seafood.  Its open kitchen features an on-site dry-aging room and delivers steaks and fish from its butchery. If you're looking for a top steakhouse in Tampa, Council Oak is one of the best options. Located inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, this upscale steakhouse offers a stylish ambiance and superb dining experiences. You'll enjoy the USDA prime cuts of beef and a wide variety of fresh seafood. The chefs prepare the meals using state-of-the-art J&R wood fire grills and Josper coal ovens.

The steaks at Council Oak Steaks & Seafood are seasoned and juicy, and the restaurant features a wine room. It also features live music sessions. The restaurant offers three different menus and a top-notch wine list. The steaks at Oak & Ola are some of the best in Tampa Bay, and the dining room is large enough for six people.

3. Charley’s Steak House

Charley's Steak House is one of Tampa Bay's award-winning steakhouses.  The restaurant serves three-year-old USDA prime steers and naturally organic Bison. It also uses oak and citrus wood to flame-broil steaks for extra flavor. You can choose from over 800 different wines to pair with your meal.

The atmosphere at Charley's is chic and sophisticated. The T-bone-shaped bar offers an inventive selection of signature drinks, including a cucumber-infused Absolut Citron vodka. One drink you shouldn't miss is the Watermelon Celebration, which is light and refreshing. A cocktail of this type is also an excellent option for hot summer nights.

The menu includes classic steakhouse dishes and bold signature cocktails. You'll also find unique items like Caribbean lobster tails. Dedicated staff members strive to provide every guest with the best food and service. The restaurant also offers a charity program that raises millions of dollars for local nonprofit organizations.

4. Bern’s Steak House

Bern's is a must-try if you're looking for one of Tampa Bay's best steakhouses.  It has a classic design, an incredible wine list, and dry-aged steaks. Plus, it has flocked wallpaper. Since it opened in 1956, Bern's Steak House has become a landmark in Tampa Bay. It was opened by Bernard Laxer, who even started his farm so that he could grow his produce. Bern's also has the world's most extensive restaurant wine cellar, with over six thousand labels.

Although Bern's is one of Tampa Bay's top steakhouses, booking a table is difficult. It's one of the most difficult restaurants to get a reservation at. It's recommended to make your reservation well in advance, as reservations go quickly.

5. Malio’s Prime Steakhouse

In Tampa Bay, Malio's Prime Steakhouse is an exceptional fine-dining restaurant.  It has been in business since 1969 and is well known for its USDA Prime beef, fresh seafood, and over 200 wines. It also features excellent service and accepts reservations via OpenTable.

The steaks are prime cuts of beef seasoned to perfection. The prime porterhouse at Malio's is a 40-ounce cut of beef that will feed two people. Other options include the rare strip loin for two, the 40-ounce prime rib for two, and the signature grilled steak.